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    to cut a long story very short, I was in hospital over the weekend with severe abdominal pain. When I mentioned I have had a lot of 'discharge' since the birth of my baby, they decided to check for potential 'gyne' problems. So a few days later I had an u/s and just got the results, which suggests I have polycystic ovaries. I was very surprised as I had no trouble conceiving and I have always had very regular periods. I wonder, can pregnancy and labour stimulate this condition, or is it possible that I have always had it and only due to this stomach pains (which I think was from constipation!) that I ultimately had an u/s and subsequently discovered this problem. My report reads: 'A few punctate echogenic foci are identified at the endomyometrial interface, and may represent granulomas. The right ovary measures .... and displays more than 25 follicles. The left ovary measures ... and displays more than 15 follicles, with a dominant follicle measuring 2.2cm". If anyone can read into this a little better than I can, I would really appreciate your help.


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    punctate Echogenic Foci - Is tiny spots in the region of the localised infection/disease that was picked up my use of ultrasound

    Granulomas is A mass of inflamed granulation tissue, usually associated with ulcerated infections.

    Does that help any lol


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    I think there's quite a high percentage of women with PCOS who will probably never know they have it. Sometimes weight gain can trigger the symptoms of the 'syndrome' which becomes a vicious cycle that contributes to infertility. The specialist thinks my weight gain was the trigger for my AF stopping all together.

    Hope you're feeling better

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