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Thread: Ttc In Oct 08, Had Lap In Dec 07...

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    Hi people! I'm new to this forum and would like some advice about my options..

    Here is my history..

    I never had any endo symptoms until one day i felt a slight niggling feeling on my left pelvic side which I went to the GP for and in turn, got referred to an endo specialist.

    She did an internal ultra sound and found a large cyst looking thing on my ovary. She said it may just go away or it could be endo. I decided to have the lap done to to make sure everything was ok down there as I am getting married in oct and would like to start TTC straight away as my fiance is a lot older than me.

    I had a lap done in Dec 07 and it WAS endo. She removed it all and said everything look quite healthy there after the op.

    I want to do anything and everything I possibly can to ensure I have a good chance of getting pregnant as soon as possible (once we start TTC in oct).

    I have decided to start accupuncture to ensure optimum fertility and I have my first appt on Friday.

    Can anyone suggest anything else I can/should do to stop it coming back and ensure optimum fertility??

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    I had a lap done for endo (endo was really severe) about four yrs ago and tried to fall pregnant for 2 yrs before going through IVF (the IVF was successful)..... I have been seeing a naturopath and receiving acupuncture for about 3 yrs now, even though I did not fall pregnant naturally seeing the naturopath has really help with managing my pain caused by endo and help with my IVF success. I don't know if you have heard of the blood group diet but it is really good for your immune system which inturn helps to keep endo at bay (naturopath put me on this). Another thing is wheat can aggravate endo. I am sure if you have see your acupuncturist by now they should have set you on the right track and I think preparing your body now is the best thing you can do....good luck with everything...I have heard lots of success stories with people using alternate therapies

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