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Thread: TTC with PCOS and possible Enometriosis

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    Default TTC with PCOS and possible Enometriosis

    Hi there,

    I wasent sure where to put this but here seems right. In October next year my fiance and I are going to start TTC. I have had PCOS for years and years but have only just been put on Diabex XR for my insullin resistance.I have said possible Endometriosis as its not been diagnosed yet but I cant find another explaination for the pains I get, howver I am seeing a gynaecologist in December and hopefully will get an answer there.I was wondering if someone could recommend some books or websites on TTC with PCOS and just TTC in general. We will probably have a hard time TTC so I have been told and would like to give it our all.


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    Hi Shae, and welcome. I'm another who is ttc with PCOS - horrible condition! I've had a few books, but I'm currently reading one which is amazing in its clarity and explanations of what this condition is all about. I haven't yet got to the chapters on how to treat it, though. It's also not strictly about ttc with PCOS, although there is a chapter on fertility, again, I'm not up to it yet.

    The book is called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - A woman's guide to identifying and managing PCOS, by Dr John Eden.


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    Hi Shae,

    Welcome to BB! I also have PCOS. I found the PCOS association of Australia very helpful. They have a website with heaps of info on it, sorry can't remember the website but you can google it.
    Also this forum is great. Ask any question you like and there will be somebody who has been there and will be able to help.

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    Hi Shae, Welcome to Belly Belly. I too have pcos and endo and have been ttc. I recommend that you go to the pcos website. I also went to a pcos support group at my local private hospital.I only went once though. They had a few specialists and nutritionists and psycologist aswell. I found that was quite informative. They had lots of pamphlets and books to take home too. You should ask your gyno if he knows of any groups in your area you could attend if you want to. Good luck with everything.

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