thread: Ultrascan on Pelvic - Need response, pls

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    Ultrascan on Pelvic - Need response, pls

    This Thursday I'm getting tested for PCOS & Endo but I would like to know from other ladies what the procedure is going to be like.

    I know I have to drink 1 litre of water before going and then they scan. Do they scan your belly? I was told they insert a camera lead, does it hurt? Do they give you any local injection? Too many questions.



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    Mine when they thought i had appendicties but found a cyst instead was just a routine abdominal ultrasound where you had to drink water before going in.


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    It's just an ultrasound. The only thing that hurts is when they push on your bladder to get the picture :mad:

    They may also do an internal ultrasound in which they insert an ultrasound probe vaginally. Does not hurt at all and they're very nice and discreet about the whole thing.

    Unless this is something else I've not heard of before. 8-[


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    I had a pelvic ultrasound and internal.

    The internal was very very discreet....they put a sheet over your knees and the sonographer goes in up under they dont even see your rude bits.

    It was all rather painless and i wasnt embarrassed at all.

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    Hi there,

    Would you believe I have had 6 pelvic ultrasounds due to diagnosing PCOS and also my miscarriage.

    When doing the internal, the sonographer gave me the best tip.. when she inserts it in breath in.. it relaxes you.. just remember this as it really works as I was sooo anxious and it hurt so much when I was miscarrying. I hope it helps.


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    I recently had an ultrasound to test for PCOS - the external ultrasound is not at all painful. The internal ultrasound was fairly discreet - my radiographer got me to insert the probe, and then she took ahold of it to maneouvre it. It was slightly painful when she pushed into the corners beside my cervix to look at my ovaries, but nothing that a bit of deep breathing couldn't fix. You won't need any injections if they're just doing an ultrasound.

    Good luck Sam - let us know how you go.