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Thread: Weightloss & PCOS

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    Default Weightloss & PCOS

    Has anyone had any success with weightloss helping symptoms? I usually have 60-70 day cycles and mid cycle spotting. We have been TTC since June, and decided to give it a break because my body just seemed to be shutting down. We found out recently that my hormone levels had dropped so after alot of thinking, we decided to put my weight first and TTC later on in the year. Well so far its been a great success. I lost 4 kgs so far and this cycle has been the shortest in over a year only 40 days...I am convinced it has to do with my weight loss. I was wondering did anyone else find this when they lost weight? Will it continue to get better? Did your symptoms subside when you lost the weight?

    I am really interested to know your experiences, I am hoping for a later on in the year!


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    Congrats on the weights loos cailin. Don't know anything about PCOS though sorry.

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