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Thread: What IS the difference?

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    After recently being told I had 'polycystic ovaries' I have been searching the net for information. I understand there is a difference between this and PCOS, but I cant seem to find out what those actual differences are? It is playing on my mind a little that maybe I will have problems TTC #2 (was successful in TTC #1 after 3 months) and I dont know if I should be worried or not.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Hello Jessica,
    From what I understand PCOS is polycycstic ovarian syndrome and just plain PCO is polycycstic ovaries. I think with the syndrome you don't actually have the cysts on the ovaries just the other symptoms etc whereas with PCO you actually have cysts. I think you can have both the syndrome and the cysts also. I am not positive this is correct but it how it has been explained to me. Hope this helps!

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    I think my GYN has actually referred to mine just as PCO because I'm not overweight, don't have excess facial hair etc. which is where the syndrome part of it comes in.

    I still refer to it as pcos tho coz it's easier to say. hehe.

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    About 20% of women have ovaries that are polycystic in appearance. But this is just a natural variation between women.

    To have PCOS you have to have a certain number of symptoms to qualify as having the syndrome. In most cases that includes have the classic polycystic ovary appearance, but not always.

    A woman that has polycystic appearing ovaries may have no difficulty whatsoever with fertility. So really it is just like describing a woman as having brown or blonde hair, just something that is different about the woman.

    Hope that helps.

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