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Thread: Where are all the women with Endo??

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    Default Where are all the women with Endo??

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Mishy.

    I have had Endo since I was diagnosed in 1991 - however it would explain all the pain I have had since the day I got my period at the age of 11!

    So far I have had 3 Laps and am requiring a 4th... because believe me pregnancy may put the symptons 'on hold' but gee they come back with a vengence after a while.

    I fell pregnant with my son after having my 2nd Laparoscopy a few months after my husband & I married. We conceived in the "no sex for 2 weeks after the laparoscopy" period... oh hell we were basically newly weds...LMAO but it only took one shot.

    Fast forward to now, we have been TTC for almost 12mths.. I had a Lap about 18mths after my son was born and the Dr found Benign Mesothelial Cysts. I have no idea and neither does the Dr what these are but hey, that is what pathology called them..hmmm

    I belong to Aust Endo - a Yahoo Group dedicated to women with Endo... so supportive and so full of info.

    Has anyone seen the video on Endo by Bella Browne - a fellow endo sufferer who also belongs to Aust Endo? It is fantastic... but makes me extremely emotional when I watch it as it explains my symptons down to a tee as well as the emotions, the pain, the agony of learning about Endo.

    Well that is part of my story...I could talk and talk all day but i won't... over to you

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    Hi again Mishy.

    Not sure if you have read the other posts in here, but I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at the age of 22. I fell off a chair one Friday afternoon and went into serious pain over the weekend. After seeing a Locum doctor who tried to tell me it was gastro (note - how can it be when i didn't have the runs and wasnt' vomiting) so I admitted myself to Casulty on the Sunday night.

    I was then told it was suspected appendicitis and they started to fast me ready for an operation but cause my pain went away the op was cancelled and i was sent home. I insisted during that time for an u/sound which they never gave me. I wasnt' happy so went to local GP following wednesday who put me straight in for a u/sound where it was discovered i had a cyst the size of a tennis ball and it had turned itself (hence the pain) and so the journey began.

    I was asked after my first laproscopy if i ever wanted kids. If I had said no and I was sure about it they would have booked me into counselling and then booked me in for a full hysterectomy. I said I wanted to try at least. 2yrs later I started to get bleeding mid cycle, something that had never happened to me, so just after i was married in Sept 2000 i was booked in for another lapraoscopy where the endo had returned. That was cleared up and I came off the pill in Feb 2001 and fell pregnant 10 days later.

    In April this year i had slight niggles again mid cycle (had never had ovulation pain before) so went back to my surgeon and told him we were trying for another child, so he gave me 12mths to conceive in before he would book me in for another lapraoscopy. 3 mths later in July I fell pregnant.

    I had also been one of those girls with the incredible period pain since they began also at aged 11, so bad i used to pass out. Doctors told me back then it was normal everyone gets pain. I had no idea what Endo was when i was diagnosed with it and I joined the Endometriosis Association of Vic (even though i lived in Adelaide) for a year to get some much needed information.

    We are now deciding if we will go for a 3rd child or not. If we decide not too I will go in for a hysterectomy. Surgeon wrote it in my hospital records for it to be done when I was ready. We are talkign about a 3rd so that might be a while away yet


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