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    Angry Why me?

    Hi all not sure if I am in the right forum or not so please move me if not. I have endometriosis. Wont go into all the gory details but have had lots and lots of surgery. Have been very lucky and concieved two beautiful baby boys. I had to have a D&C 6 weeks after my second, Jesse as I had retained placenta. Joy more surgery!! I was told I should feel a lot better after this. I am still having abdominal pain everyday and constant vaginal discharge. I have finished breast feeding a few months ago and have had three terribly painful periods, probably the worst I have ever had. I guess my body is paying me back for having the endo in "remission" while being pregnant and breastfeeding. Anyway, I finally got an appointment to see my GP to have a Mirena implant inserted as this is supposedly good for endo which I am blaming for the high pain level at this stage. It was like giving birth again to have the implant put in. Legs in stirrups, the end of the bed removed and the doctors face right next to your privates while a nurse had a look too! He then proceeded to insert the implant and discovered that my cervix has adhesions all down the inside of it and has grown shut. I couldn't believe it. So he told me that I would not be able to have the implant put in. If I wanted it in I would have to go under general so they can remove the adhesions.
    I decided to go back and see my endo specialist about where to go from here. Lets just say that he was less than impressed with what has happened. He told me that the adhesions have occurred from the surgeon who did the D&C using a sharp curette to do the proceedure when they should have used a blunt one as I had just had a baby. He told me that basically the inside of my uterus and cervix have been skinned and left raw and the open and inflamed tissue have basically grown together. He said that is one of the reasons for the constant abdominal pain and discharge as there is no longer and clear passage for waste to exit my body. I thought that this would be easily fixed and I would be right. He has told me that it is quite serious and I am lucky that my uterus hasn't collapsed from what he can see by ultrasound, but he still may find in surgery. I am going in for the first op to repair it on the 25th. He said that I will have to have a stent inserted into the cervix to keep it open and they will redilate it every week or so to stop it reclosing. He said that they may be unable to permanently fix it as it may just keep growing back together. He also said that if I wanted more kids we would probably have to do IVF.
    I am wondering if anyone else has had or knows anyone who has had the same thing happen to their cervix and what they did to fix it. I am pretty ****ed off as I think that I have had enough dramas with my endo without having to have someone else butcher me too!!
    Thanks for reading!!
    Love Linda

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    Linda, I have no experience with endo myself but I just wanted to give you some big hugs {{{{}}}} as I feel horrified for you that you've had to go through this. What a terrible lapse in judgement by the surgeon that did the D & C.

    Truly hope that the surgery is immediately successful for you and that you won't need further repair work!

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    Oh Linda for you. I am an endo sufferer, and have also had 2 boys. After my 2nd birth I also had retained product inside me which they discovered after I bled for 11 wks straight. I am thankful though that a course of antibiotics cleared it up and stopped the bleeding, so they decided that I didnt need a D & C.

    It sounds like you have been through a very rough time with more to come. I haven't heard of another situation like the one you are in so can't offer any advice in that aspect, but I am wishing you the best of luck.


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    Linda where are you located? I think you should really go and see another doctor who specialises souly in endo/infertility, if you are in Sydney post again and i will recommend some to you!! leis x

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    I am in Perth. I am seeing a specialist that works out of the ECCA centre here. He is brilliant and has done previous surgeries on me. He was very ****ed off when I went to see him about this and cannot believe how incompetent the surgeon I had was. The only reason I used the surgeon who did the D&C was that it was an emergency proceedure and you get who you get in the public system. Trust me I have had my fair share of dodgy surgeons over the years of being treated for endo so now I will only let my current specialist touch me for any gyno stuff!!

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    Glad you have found someone through ECCA.... My surgeon Dr Michael Cooper is with them here in Sydney also... stick with the big fella and you will be fine. These ECCA guys really know what they are on about.

    Love and hugs

    Leis xx

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    Linda, I dont personally have experience with endo, but my SIL has lost her uterus, ovaries, part of her bowl, and lots of stomach and abdominal wall tissue due to it, and she has suffered for years, but was luckily to be blessed with 2 healthy girls.
    Reading your post made me so angry for all your suffering at the hands of such a careless surgeon!!, I hope your specialist can correct your cervix first time, and that you are finally rid of that terrible pain

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    HI all thanks for all your replies. I am booked in for the first op on the 8th of August. I am hoping it will all be fixed first time. Have just had a horrible period very painful. Not much longer and hopefully all will be better!
    Luv Linda

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