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Thread: Wouldn't it be nice ...

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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest

    Default Wouldn't it be nice ...

    if it happens in the first month!!

    This is my first month of taking Clomid and god I hope we get it right first time.

    Currently on CD4 (to take Clomid 5-9) and I am sooooo sick of AF!

    I only found out I had PCOS only a few weeks ago, after having AF for THREE!! weeks and some cramping (which I never ever have). So they did all the tests and voila! So then I have to take Ralovera for 10 days to bring on AF, which, surprisingly just as the dr said, arrived the day after i stopped taking it. Except it's totally aweful. Have had constant cramping for 3 days straight and have to literally run to the loo at least every 1-2 hours ... not have a fun time ... grrrrrrrr

    Hence we hope that we're super dooper lucky and get preggas straight away ... I don't think I could handle too many months of this ... [-o<

    Anyway ... just had to vent a little ...

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    Cass Guest


    Good Luck!!!

    Just need to make sure that you BD at the right time!! \/

    Lets hope that it works for you..........

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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest


    Thanks Cass ...

    Having time to BD at the moment is tough (working 12 hour days, and feeling too tired) ... but got in a day last week, and had to go away over the weekend which was annoying as there was totally no privacy and although DH's dad was here last night, there was no way I was letting him off ... \/

    Got the day off today (well, until 5 anyway) ... so he might find me jumping him later on

    Here's hoping for a lot of BDing this week ... here's also hoping that the clomid worked!!!

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Goodluck with clomid!It worked second try with me and first try with my sister!!!!!!!!!

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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest


    I hope it works too

    I've got bloodtest on Thursday to see if I ovulated ... hopefully its a big fat YES!

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    Jun 2003


    Goodluck! Don't forget to do the BD every second day thing, I swear by it every time we did it properly we got PG


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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest


    We Bd'd wednesday last week, yesterday ... hopefully get to jump him when we go to bed ...

    Definitely more this week! \/

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    Cass Guest


    I am glad that you arent one (like me) that reacted to it!
    I only took it for one cycle - we didnt BD - as I was so sick! (The stoopid doc asked my why we didnt - I gave him the idea of head in bucket bum up? 8-[ ) and we conceived Rinn 2 months later - naturally. In the end I worked out that I ovulated eariler than average.

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