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Thread: Are you part of the Cyst-a-hood?

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    Default Are you part of the Cyst-a-hood?

    Hi Ladies

    I was diagnosed in 2000 with PCOS and was told that because at the time I was not in a long term relationship and not wanting to get pregnant, that we should just leave it be. Doc changed my pill script to, I think, Diane (Can't remember, been off it for two years). This apparently helps control the symptoms. I had a internal ultrasound which showed cysts and blood work confirmed.
    Anyway, after visting a FS in mid '06 she doubted that I actually had PCOS but did more blood work and another internal ultrasound. My sister is a midwife at the hospital and asked one of her friends (another FS) what the results meant and was told that I was PCOS however when I went for my appt with my FS, she said that I was borderline not PCOS. I have the cysts, the suitable blood work but few of the symptoms (ie excess body hair, extremely painful periods). I have found it extremely difficult to loose weight and I have very irregular ovulation.
    I underwent a HSG and even more blood work and we are getting ready to start clomid in a few weeks and am hoping that this does the trick.

    My question is: Anybody else out there part of the cyst-a-hood? Any hints to share?

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    I am so sorry that you have PCOS, its not easy is it? I know how frustrating it is when they say you have it and then seem to do nothing. I also have PCOS, I was diagnosed before I had my 2nd daughter. I didnt have all of the symptoms either, which makes it really hard to accept. I had ovarian drilling done, or golf balling back in 2003, and since then I havent had anymore cysts, and have since had another beautiful daughter. Clomid didnt work for me, I have had 6 m/c's, but found a brilliant FS, who actually worked out a new way of helping me hang on to my babies, so I got my beautiful Hayley.

    I hope that you can get some answers and know that we are here anytime you need to talk!

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    My ob/gyn has said he believes I have PCOS, but not severe. So far this is the first cyst I have had, but I have always had painful periods, I have had 3m/c's before my two girls, I have hell trying to lose weight and my hair is constantly shedding. This cyst is causing me hell and it's getting quite large. I am not insulin resistant tho and my other hormones seem within normal range, however the ob still believes I have PCOS. I don't understand it. I did get my periods late, but they were always regular untill I had an IUD put in after Jess's birth. From there everything went haywire and I had it removed 6m later. Things have just kept going downhill from there. I have NFI what is going on, but I trust my ob. I am booked in for a removal in Feb (of the cyst alone we hope) and I have my fingers crossed things go back to what is normal for me.
    Sending you *hugs*. I hope your dreams come true soon.....

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    Hi Katie!

    I was diagnosed with PCOS this time last year and like you I was frustrated as my GP said I didn't have it but a gyne said I did so it was all a bit confusing! I don't have all the symptoms but I have enough of them to be diagnosed with PCOS, I have really irregular ovulation (if at all) and therefore very unpredicable cycles, cysts on my ovaries and some hair loss.

    Although I don't have any problems with my weight my specialist put me on low dose metformin for a few months. This really helped to make my periods more regular although blood tests showed that I still wasn't ovulating. So then I tried also taking clomid and bingo, I fell pregnant on the very first month!!! I still can't believe it!

    Good luck, I hope you get all the answers you need soon! Fingers crossed that the clomid works just as well for you!

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