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    Just thought I introduce myself, I am 24 years old and was told yesterday I have PCOS, I still have to wait until tomorrow to see my regular doctor for all the info, but i would love for someone to tell me what it actually is... My husband and I have been trying for a baby for the past 8 months, i have not had a period in 7 months though... I have been reading all the posts in here but I just can't get my head around it. Would someone be able to tell me how much of an influence having PCOS is on trying for a baby.... sorry to be so naive , but i need help... ](*,)

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    Welcome Rach! I found this forum coz I was researching my PCOS, and I've found everyone here really helpful. I had no period for 10 months and was diagnosed with PCOS in April... and as you can see on my ticker... am already pg! So don't be too disheartened with what you can read on PCOS.

    A basic explanation is that the eggs in the ovaries aren't maturing properly, and aren't being released (ovulation) and this causes the cysts on the ovaries (you would have seen the cysts on you ultrasound).

    I'm not sure if they know the exact reasons this happens, but it's basically an imbalance of hormones.. such as too much androgen.. which prevents the ovaries from releasing some other hormone.. which makes the cycle work nicely. lol... I really can't remember which hormones do what.

    The reason I'm on Metformin, is they believe that insulin resistance contributes to this malfunction of hormone production, and the Metformin alone has worked with me... so my PCOS must have been related to this insulin resistance. Of course, others have much more trouble with their PCOS, so I think it can be different for everyone.

    I'm sure my little explanation was as clear as mud! Someone else is bound to jump in and explain it a little clearer

    Good luck with any treatment you start on!

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    Sal Guest


    Hi Rach, I have PCOS too, and Metformin alone helped me (although I had already gone through a torturous 3 year path of tests, clomid, laparoscopy, ovarian drilling, IVF).

    There are a number of theories on PCOS and also it is called a 'syndrome' as each woman experiences PCOS differently. As to fertility, well if you are not having periods, then you will have difficulty falling pregnant, although some women with PCOS do have regular periods and don't have fertility issues.

    The things that are tried on PCOS women are: clomid (trying to stimulate ovulation), ovarian drilling (for some unknown reason injuring the ovaries can stimulate them to work properly), or hormone stimulation and IVF. Metformin is a drug used for diabetic patients, but it has been shown that at least half of women with PCOS have insulin resistance (a precursor to type II diabetes) and so Metformin may be given by your specialist to help you ovulate naturally. Metformin may also be used in conjunction with clomid (and if you are put on clomid, insist on going on Metformin as well as it has been proven that both work together better than clomid alone).

    Unfortunately Metformin is controversial, with many docs not wanting to put patients on it who don't currently have diabetes or severe insulin resistance. I pressured my RE to put me on it, whilst taking a break from IVF and amazingly I fell pregnant.

    Having had ovarian drilling, I would never recommend it (it may cause premature ovarian failure i.e. menopause and also the beneficial effects of drilling are temporary...I wish I'd known all this before I had it done).

    My advice to you, speaking from experience, is to find a good RE (reproductive endocrinologist). Any old OB/GYN is NOT good enough, mostly they don't have the knowledge/experience with PCOS and are just happy to throw women on clomid without checking other fertiltiy issues (eg getting your DH's sperm checked, getting your tubes checked etc) and then the clomid may be a total waste (and it really knocks your body around).

    Good luck! Hope I've been of some help.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Rach

    I to was diagnosed with PCOS last year while TTC baby number 1.The girls have explained PCOS to you very well!Basically everyone is different and different things may work to help you fall pregnant.Like Sal said you have to find an awesome RE or Ob.My Ob was fantastic and was so thorough.I was put on clomid 50mg and on the second cycle I fell pregnant.I didn't need Metformin as my insulin levels were 'just' in the normal range. Don't be to dawnted as you will have many options.I know when I was diagnosed it took me a good 3 months to get my head around it all, and only then was I able to continue TTC again.Everyones level of which they have PCOS seems to differ so greatly.


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    Hi Rach

    When I was told I had PCOS I was like a mad woman trying to research it before I went to the Specialist...
    There is alot of easy to read info especially on the net....
    The other ladies have explained it well though...

    Good luck with your Dr appointment!!

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    *Rach* Guest


    Thanks everyone for you help... It helps me so much.. The worst part of all this is that my darling husband has the "she'll be right" attitude, he thinks everything will be OK and i will just get pregnant naturally... I think he believes if he doesn't admit there is a problem it may go away... Has anyone elses husband/partner got this attitude?

    Anyway thanks again for you help, i will let yuou know how i go tonight at the Dr's....

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    I can relate to that Rach.Corey had the it'll be alright attitude going on.I think that they say that so that they don't worry themselves.Corey wouldn't even discuss what if I need drastic surgery or IVF to conceive.He was always like we'll just cross that bridge later cause everythings going to be fine!Its definetely to stop themselves worrying.

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    *Rach* Guest


    I am just worried that he will think it is all to hard and give up... We want a baby but we were prepared to just wait and let it happen with no stress as it was not a big stress if it happens now or later.. now that this has come along i don't know what he will do... i am so worried...
    Can someone tell me the options the doctor is going to give me, will it be go back on the pill or take these ovulation drugs.. is there a third choice?
    Sorry to be such a pain....

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    Sal Guest


    Rach, your DH would be trying to absorb the news that you have a 'condition' that may affect your fertility. Give him time, it would be hard to digest at first.

    Re what your doc will do, well it depends what kind of doc you're seeing. If you're seeing a GP then the GP may want to refer you to an OB/GYN (but better would be to find out a good OB/GYN or RE who knows all about PCOS). As to what treatment you have, well it depends on what 'problem' you are wanting to solve. If you aren't TTC then most likely you'll be recommended to go on the pill so that you are having regular periods. If you are TTC then you'll need to get a bit of help to have a period and then to ovulate.

    FYI this is the best site on the web for any type of discussion, so please stick around here! But I'd like to point you toward another site that deals specifically with PCOS...I can't post the link directly in here, but if you google search the term POSAA (which is the Aus PCOS Association) then you'll see their site and they have a discussion forum...if you go there you can see what doctor recommendations there are for PCOS docs in your area. Also, there is an article on how some birth control pills are not good for PCOS women.

    As I say, please stick around BB, it really is the best site. But for info purposes, POSAA is a little more focused on PCOS women.

    Need any more info, please ask

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