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Thread: Zolodex experiences anyone?

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    Hi Everyone. I am new here and stumbled across your site searching for info on Endo. I am 32 yrs old and I have recently been diagnosed with moderate endo. I had my lap 3 weeks ago where my specialist removed as much of it as he could. My uterus is in pretty bad shape too as he said I have fibroids and varicous veins in it. I have today started on my first Zolodex implant. Just wondering if anyone else out there has been on the Zolodex for 6 months and how they went with it. I am a little nervous about the side effects etc. Thanks guys. xx

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    Yep done it!!! Still have had 6 laps since!

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    I did it and didn't have any major side affects. had another lap about 18mths later but have also gone on to have two children.


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    bigjohnson276 Guest

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    What side effects did you experience Astrolady?. So far I have just had a massive headache but then again, it's only been a few days since I have had the implant.

    I have 2 children and my husband has had a vasectomy over a year ago so for us, fertility is not an issue as we have finished our family. My gynae has said that I would need a hysterectomy somewhere down the track.

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    I didn't have any side affects that I can remember


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    HI There,

    I too had the laporoscopy for ENDO and was put on 6 months of Zolodex. I found my symptoms to be migraines, hot flashes, irritable and lost my sex drive! The symptoms some can have are like of menapouse.

    I then got my periods again 3 months after finishing the treatment and my DR has told me the ENDO has gone and the treatment was a success!

    I know it's not pretty going in every month getting injections but if it works, then it's worth it.

    Good Luck

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