I received this notification a few weeks ago and thought those of you who have an opinion on GM crops may like to voice your thoughts to our governing body, seeing as they have asked. Mods please remove link if I have overstepped the mark

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has invited individuals and organisations with an interest in the regulation of food to provide information and comment on an application to approve a genetically modified food.

The application is for a cotton variety that has been genetically modified to confer insect protection and herbicide tolerance.

To date, FSANZ has approved more than 40 such applications for food derived from GM crops.

Submissions should reach FSANZ by Monday 16 August 2010.

Food derived from insect-protected and herbicide-tolerant cotton line GHB119
Application A1040 Assessment

Bayer CropScience Pty Ltd has sought approval for the sale of food derived from a genetically modified (GM) variety of cotton (GHB119). This cotton variety is protected against feeding damage by Lepidopteran insect larvae and tolerant to herbicides containing glufosinate ammonium. FSANZ is required to conduct an evaluation of food safety and nutritional issues before this GM cotton can be used in the food supply. We have concluded that food derived from cotton GHB119 is as safe for human consumption as that derived from conventional cotton varieties, and intend to approve it for sale in Australia and New Zealand. We invite comment from interested parties.

FSANZ welcomes public comment from industry, public health professionals, government agencies and consumers. Details of the Assessment Report for Application 1040 can be found on Food Standards Australia New Zealand.