thread: Anyone's hubby in the Navy?

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    Jul 2004

    Anyone's hubby in the Navy?

    My DH is joining the Navy. His assessment day is in 5 weeks. The job he'safter is a priority jobso he should get in quite quickly without any hassles(we hope!)

    I'm wondering, how often do they go out to sea? And for how long at a time? The job he is applying for is Marine Technician.

    How often do you get posted and where have you been posted to?

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    Oct 2006
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    Hi Antheia
    My DH isn't in the navy, but my dad was for 22 years and my brother was for 14 years, so I know a little.
    Basically, he'll start off doing basic training in Melbourne for 3 months I think, and then he may have to stay on to do training specific to his job as a Marine Technician (I actually think that's what my brother started out as!)
    After that he'll get his posting, which for the first one you usually don't get too much of a say in where you go (well that was the case back then anyway). Postings can vary, you can put in for transfer if you like but are not guaranteed to get them. My brother was posted in Melbourne for the first year and then stayed in Sydney for the rest of his career. With my dad, we went everywhere, including America!
    As for time at sea, this can vary too I think. Your DH will almost definitely be away a couple of times a year as they do training out at sea in which he will be required to do. As for postings to sea, I'm not exactly sure, my brother did heaps in his first few years, but that may have been by choice as he was wife and kid free for the first 5 years!
    I hope this helps a little and good luck

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    hey hunny ,well i cant help much i guess but my brother is in the navy at sysney his based on HMAS MONORA.. i know they go to sea maybe 2-3 times a year just depends really.
    he also has a wife and kids so sometimes gets a bit hard but they manage.and when they go to see they get extra money and have a great time (most of the time pmsl)
    jake is also a marine hows that for common ..

    i think janine is very spot on with what shes saying ...good luk hunny

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    We are Exnavy... BHL was a POMTE when he got out and was in for 12 yrs...

    so you will be at HMAS Cerberus for about 18mths all up you will be entitled to a DHA house there are some on base others are off its up to you which you want... DHA is ment to give you a choice of 3 houses but this isnt always the case... for the time he is in recuit school he wont be living with you he will have to live on base used to be 3 mth but now I think its only 2.5 for the first month he wont be able to come home at all but after that if he has been good he will be able to come home on the weekends....But when is Cat school he will be able to live back home...

    After Cat school is finished he will then be posted to a ship... ( most likely one of the big ones ) there are two ways to go big and small the big boat work out of sydney and Perth and small boats work out of Carins and Darwin... BHL was on Big boats for the 1st 2 years then spent the rest of his time on small... If he goes big boats they can and do go away for 4 mths at a time... they come in for about the same unless they get call out again for something ( which happens all the time ) when BHL was on big boats I didnt see much of him at all...

    Small boats go out for about 6 weeks and also come and go as they are called... but normally only ever away for 6 weeks at a time unless they have to go to Timor or places like that... then they can too be away for 3/4 months...

    MT get posted to a boat for 3 years then do 18mths shore time and then 3 years and so on and so on...

    The navy life for the wives can be a very hard one so prepare yourself... but if you make the most of every place you move to... find a playgroup asap when you move in you have to learn not to be shy at new school and talk to the mums when you post in... there are always defence playgroups ( but they can be a little catty at times but some are lovely just depends... )

    for me I loved when BHL was on small boats, I loved that we moved to Darwin and Cairns ( we were posted to each 3 times )...

    I hope some of this helps...

    if there is anything else I can help with just ask and I will see what I can do... I still have Navy GF in Cairns Darwin and Melbourne so if you wanted I can always get you in contate with them if you need to...

    May sound strange but I kinda miss BHL been in the Navy... so it cant be all bad

    In the 12 yrs BHL was in we were posted heaps here is the run down ..

    18mths = Melbourne
    2 yrs = Sydney
    9mths = Darwin
    2.5 yrs = Cairns
    14mth = Darwin
    9mths = Melbourne
    1yr = Darwin
    2yrs =Cairns

    Time spent might be a bit off but its all around about that time... But I know heaps of people who have bearly moved at all its just we got board so BHL would always ask if there were any other posting going... So thats why moved...