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    Jul 2009

    Question Birthdays close together

    I was wondering how many of you have children with birthdays either days or weeks apart from each other and how it effects everything with them growing up.

    DD's birthday is tomorrow. I've been having prelabour signs for about 2ish weeks now. In the event i pop a lot sooner than expected I'm more nervous about having the baby so close to his sisters birthday.

    So do the kids mind, is it harder to plan birthdays??


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    Sep 2011

    I have a friend who's son is born around xmas time and they celebrate his half birthdays in the middle of the year. I know that doesn't really answer your question about sibling birthdays close together, however, if you make a fuss of both of them, they should be happy!
    Growing up, we only had a big party every 2nd year (and then had a close friend over for a movie/sleep over every other year). So not sure if you could alternate their parties? We've got 3 kids now and I've already told the eldest that we won't be throwing a big party for his birthday every year.

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    Jul 2009
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    My brother & I were born 4 days apart (not quite a year difference) and there were stages growing up we hated it and others we loved it.
    Joint family parties were great (we also had another cousin 3 days after me)
    Then we alternated years in regards to big parties so it really wasn't that bad.
    Made for some awesome presents too.

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    my DD's birthdays are 18 days apart. DD1 was born 21 Jan 09 and DD2 8 Feb 2011.

    so far i haven't seen it as a problem for them but for myself i struggle with having to plan two b'days so soon after Christmas!

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    My boy's birthdays are one day apart and it's great! They have a huge combined party and so far have loved it. When they get a bit older they may not like it as much, we'll see.

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    Dec 2006

    My 2 are 3 weeks apart & this bub is due approx 3 weeks after DS's birthday.
    The kids don't seem to mind right now & it eases the drama with one getting presents & 1 not as DS only has to wait a few weeks for his.

    Either way... We don't have much of a say, what will be will be!

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    Nov 2009
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    My three brothers, sister and myself are all within a month and it was never a problem - except it came straight after Christmas

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    My kids are the 5th, 10th and 13th of September. We refer to it as birthday week It is like having another Christmas.

    It worked really well last year- we did a presents day when they both got their presents, then the next weekend they had a combined party.

    Not sure how it will work as they get older. It is really easy for the grandparents to come up for all the birthdays.

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    Mar 2008
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    My sisters and I were born within 2 weeks of the year within 4 years(21 June, 1 July, 2 July) and it wasn't a problem for us growing up. We didn't have a lot of parties as children (there ended up being 5 of us) so no big deal there.

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    Jan 2011
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    Miss H was born on the 30th and Miss Z on the 31st!

    And I was the same, worrying about their birthdays being only a day apart, and 4 years difference I don't think we can do the combined thing!

    So, this year...for her 5th Birthday Miss H will get her own party and Miss Z turns 1, so we will just have a lil family get together, then a few friends and family are going to go to the Zoo to celebrate!

    Will be fun in a few years though!

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    Jul 2009

    Thanks everyone i feel a bit better!

    Atleast with birthdays (preferbly) weeks apart they will be celebrated at once then we can focus on chrissy!

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    Nov 2008

    Our boys are exactly 1 week apart. For me the biggest issue was last year. I wanted to make sure I was home from hospy by DS1's birthday so that I could still make a big fuss over him. I was home on the Tuesday and his birthday was the Thursday so I still got to make him a cake. This year we had their party together on DS2's birthday. I then made another cake for us to have on DS1's birthday and we had a BBQ with my aunt and another couple who are really close friends of ours. So far it's worked out fine

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    Apr 2006

    Miss I and Miss E are 5 days apart. They have a combined something for celebrating with DH's family purely because I don't think they would make the effort of coming to two gatherings so close together. Otherwise, they have their own birthday cake, special dinner (only started this year) and fuss made of them on their own day. THis year they each had a party for school/kindy friends. I'm a big believer in everyone being entitled to their own special day so I can't imagine combining celebrations for them, even though with them being only 12 months apart it could be appropriate. If that's what they choose down the track though then fantastic - one or ten less cakes to bake will be great!!

    I was relieved when Miss A was late not early. I was dreading adding a third birthday to the May birthday mix.

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    Apr 2008

    My girls are 8 days apart and have had shared parties up until now, however DD1 has asked if she can have her own birthday party next year (she'll be 7) so it has been fine for a few years.

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    Apr 2008

    my two are 11 days apart and for the last two years they have had combined parties, mainly family friends and one or two others to the party, we have had them at venues which have a minimum number so combining them was great as neither had enough to make up the minimum numbers. Now that DD1 is at school we will do seperate parties and I am planning on having one have a resonable sized party and the other have one or two friends over then do the opposite the next year. So DD1 will have the bigger do this year and then DD2 will have a bigger one next year when she is at kindy and hopefully has a few more friends

    Im planning on baking and freezing different portions of food for each girls do but serving the same things so saving a bit of work there . We are planning on doing plaster painting for DD1's party so I will keep a few back for dd2 and her friends to do at her small morning tea so saving money there too!

    ETA on the day of their birthdays we make a fuss and they get a cake and to pick dinner, lsat year DD1 wanted chicken schnitzel (so adventurous!)

    My biggest issue is giving DD1 her presents and seeing DD2 looking dissapointed that she doesnt have whatever it is, when I actually have one in the cupboard to give to her on her birthday. I have to stop myself running to the present hiding spot and giving it to her there and then!

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    Nov 2008
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    My sister's birthday is 3 weeks before mine, and my brothers are about 5 weeks apart.

    Also, my DS1's is 4 weeks before his cousin and we get together at least once a week, with the extended family.

    None of this has ever been an issue really - there's not a big build up to birthdays, but the day itself is made very special for the birthay boy/girl.

    Even now, the Sunday before/after our birthdays, we all go to my parent's place and we get to pick whatever we want for lunch, pick a cake, there's candles and the song and photos and prezzies ...

    Growing up, there wasn't a "party" every year, but there always was a family lunch or dinner and everyone had to be nice to you on your birthday

    I think that made it all sunshine and roses - we all got our individual and equal time in the sun ...

    My sister and I once had a combined party, and I wonder in hindsight whether it didn't go well, because we never did it again ... I don't have any negative memories about it, but I was 5 and might have forgotten or not understood ... all I remember is that we had a Maccas party, and some of the kids there weren't my friend, but were my sister's, but I still had fun ...

    I think that if there was a big lead up to it, then the second child might feel jibbed that their lead up is eroded by the other child's actual birthday, and the first child might feel their afterglow is eroded by the second child's lead up ...

    But with your guidance, this can be kept in check ...

    Eg: one of my brothers has his birthday a couple of weeks before Christmas. So it was a family rule that the Christmas tree and all other decorations didn't go up until after his birthday. end of story. So while we might be doing Christmas carols with choir at school, and Christmas things at Sunday School and whatever, it wasn't in the house (other than our advent lollies, which my brother didn't mind ) until AFTER his birthday. Solved. It really was that simple.

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    Sep 2007

    My older girls are 3 years & 6 weeks apart, so not very close, but from before DD2 was born I had it all planned that their 18th & 21st birthdays could be combined

    My brother & sister were 11 days apart & mine was 4 weeks before them. It was never an issue... We didn't even think about it.

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    Jul 2009

    Awesome. Thanks ladies

    Even if i hit my due date its still 4 weeks apart so still fairly close. I think if they are born any closer than that i will make their actual birthdays really special and throw parties where appropriate so maybe not every year. I don't ever recall having parties other than family coming over.