thread: children and sports, health, fitness.

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    Mar 2004

    children and sports, health, fitness.

    I was just wondering what sports everyone's children do or if they're still very young what sports are you planning to enrol them in as they get older?
    At the moment Yasin goes to a swimming lesson once a week. He really enjoys being in the water and since he goes with DH its a bit of a father-son thing as well. Next year I'm thinking of enrolling him in gymbaroo because it looks like heaps of fun.
    In the future I'm hoping that Yasin and number two will play golf because its a game that the whole family can play together. DH and I are also hoping to get a canoe in a few years time so that we can all go canoeing together. We will probably enrol him in a soccer team when he's about 5 or so because I think that team sports really help children learn about co-operation, team play etc (also because my sister's children play so we'll have a good supply of free hand-me down football boots). I love to ride so I can't imagine not teaching my children how to ride and since I also enjoy tennis I'm looking forward to showing my children how to hit a tennis ball.
    I'm really looking forward to playing sports with my children. I'm not very competitive but I love to run around in the open air playing games. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing sports with my parents in the afternoon after school and I would love my children to have such happy memories. I also have really happy memories of the various differant sports teams I was part of at school.
    So....... what about everyone else? What kind of physical activities do you children do? Are you planning to enrol them in any?

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    Jul 2004
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    I came from a rather inactive family, and have less than a handful of memories of playing sports with my parents...
    Though I definately will not be following in my parents footsteps... what with the obesity crisis, and television/video games, all of the junk they put in the shops these days, and the 'big' genes that come from my side of the family.... lets just say we are going to have to be very careful if we do not want overweight kids, so yes, we are going to make sure they have a very active and healthy upbringing!
    I am hoping to enrol Aidyn in swimming lessons this summer (finances permitting), and take him to the park heaps to play footy or soccer. When he is a bit older we might try to see if he has an interest in any specific sport, and we will enrol him in that. Otherwise I think it would be cool to teach him something like Taekwando (DP was a state champion when he was little ) But I agree, team sports are very important too.

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    mooshie Guest

    jay is an absolute sports nut lmao he will join in and do anything and everything and just loves to watch sport on telle - he is 5yrs old, so far he does swimming once a week. in winter he does auskick (afl) and this summer he is doing milo cricket. he also wants to do running races (little aths) and basketball, gymnastics, hockey, soccer and golf - this boy is going to cost me a fortune in fees lol - i have finally convinced him to do swimming all year round with a different sport each "season" and then he can decide on what he really wants to do.

    guess i am lucky i have a lad that enjoys veging out in front of the telle for a little while, but also spends at least 1/2 the day outside kicking some sort of ball or riding his bike.

    dunno what lani will do - probably swimming but not until she is 3 i will wait and see what she wants to do - i just find doing it any earlier can be quite tough financially and having spent years with fees for jay it really only has been the last couple of years i can actually see a benefit from it, so will save my moula for a while for lani i think

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    Jun 2003

    Jack has jsut finished his first season of Auskick and will play again next year ... he wants to play football when he grows up and he might just be able to ... it is predicted he will be about 6'6" so we will see

    Emma does Karate and previous to that she did JuJitsu. She is also doing dancing at the moment once a week. She is not very sporty and prefers to read but I make sure she does something to get exercise! She is also just growing into her feet so maybe more team sports will follow.

    Tee Ball season has jsut started again and this is the second season for them both. Jack is in the U8's and Em is in the U11's. They both love it and I love it too ... I am team manager for Jack's team and am usually 1st or 3rd base coach for Emma's team.

    Asha currently does swimming but when she is old enough she will play tee ball as well. I am thinking about stopping swimming after the summer and taking her to kindy gym or something like that. When she gets a bit older I might take her to ballet or dancing classes. I guess it is too early to tell with her.

    I will not make my kids do something they don't want to do as that defeats the purpose of sport. It should always be fun but I think that there are some parents out there who forget that and force their kids to play sports they don't want to. I always used to joke that my kids would play tennis or golf so they could fund my retirement but if there is no interest it is a futile exercise!


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    Jul 2005

    My son swims even during winter. He did soccer but didn't like the matches very much loved training though and didn't want to do soccer this but wants to next year.

    My dds do kindergym and will start swimming too soon. My dd1 is going to start ballet this term but she will drop the kindergym as I think you can do too much.

    As a family we usually go bikeriding on the weekend. Everyone really enjoys this and we just stick to bikeways.