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Thread: Computer Games vs Good Old Toys

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    Default Computer Games vs Good Old Toys

    Are you sick of your child spending too much time on the computer? Kids are spending hours at a time playing computer games and its become more of an addiction. I wonder what happened to the good old days of nice toys? I grew up playing with toys that kept me physically active in a lot of ways. I am afraid that computers are ruining the active lifestyle of our kids. I wont be surprised to see our kids become robots in the coming future.

    Do you feel the same way I do? Please give your comments.


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    Hi Getbabystar - there are good things and bad things to it. We are now faced with the first generation of 'digital natives' (children who have grown to adult hood with full access to computers, videos, gaming, etc) and they are different to those of us who have gone before - it doesn't mean they have turned out stunted either, but they are very good at multitasking and organising social networks to source info and solve problems. However, they require higher levels of stimulation and activity to remain engaged in tasks and also expect to be treated as equals even though they may be entering the workforce at the lower rungs.

    Having said all of that, it's up to parents to determine how family time is spent. I personally believe everything in moderation, I now spend longer on the internet than I did ten years ago (a- there's more out there worth spending time on and b- I have faster connections and can achieve more in the time I'm on).

    The important thing is whether this is eroding other activities that i might be engaging in - whether physical activity, or social, or whatever. I also personally believe that a child's imagination is best supported but allowing them to have free unstructured creative play time, and so that's why screen time (both computers AND tv) are limited in our house.

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    Hi Getbabystar,

    Something to consider -

    A study has been done on the brains of children (current generation). Where once-upon-a-time - we were told that we would get square eyes and mushy brains from too much tv or computer games, it is not the case for children today.

    Well, when we were children, the studies were indeed right - our brains did not respond to the stimulus, and infact we were almost in a 'mediative' state. But not today - the current generation actually interact with the stimulus and their brains respond in surprising ways to those of previous generations.

    In saying all of that - my children have very limited exposure to computer games (about once a fortnight) and when they do play - they are just educational games. I am more of the old school - "Go outside and play"!

    But we (as a society) have to recognise that our world has changed, and will continue to change, and our children will have to operate in a future that NO ONE can predict. In generations before ours, children could grow up and be sure of the future ahead, but no longer.

    Have you noticed that our children can operate technology with greater ease than most adults can? It is quite an experience to see what teenagers can do with technology - my school students are a constant source of information and education (for me!). They are learning in new and exciting ways - so different to any other generation before.

    Hey - this might sound like a bit of soap-box.....sorry! Kinda funny mood I am in at the moment......LOL!


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    This is an interesting topic. My 10 year old is obsessed with them as are most of the kids in his class and it seems to be the general topic of day to day conversation. I find that when he has been spending alot of time on them his personality changes, not only does he get frustrated with the games but he also becomes anti social and grumpy. It is almost like an addiction which frightens me.

    DH and I have a rule that there is nothing electronic on school days. We have also decided not to let Dominic play the pc or playstation for a while and have said he can play his hand held nintendo ds on weekends with time limits imposed. It was just becoming all consuming for him and it was actually scary.

    Some children are probably better able to cope with computer games etc and we have friends whose kids will play for a while and then have a break with no problems, however, Dominic would throw two year old tantrums if he was told to stop playing for any reason and carry on like a nut case. DH and I decided quite a while ago that this could not be healthy for him. These are just my experiences, he is like a different kid when he's not playing them.

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    I think computers and technology have their place. Children are learning at a faster rate, and whilst some say its evolution I also think its has to do with the stimulation our kids are getting.

    Paris has been around computers since day dot, she learnt to type her name before she could write it. And because of this she's NOT obsessive about these things, she sees it as part of day to day living not a treat or a special thing. Its no different to watching TV or playing pretend with her toys. And I would say she does all these things equally. The games she does play on consoles tend to be more active then you might expect like the Wii or the eye toy. I've even had her come and ask me to turn it off as her muscles were getting sore I honestly think in these situations she would get more exercise than she would playing outside as her outside play is no way near as active. She's a pretty bright kid and I often wonder if thats attributed to the exposure she has had to things like computers and educational television channels like playhouse disney and nick Jr. I think kids need more these days because we are evolving, but I also think kids are evolving because of those things.

    I certainly wouldn't want to send my child out back with a hoop and a stick and tell her to go for her life...


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