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Thread: Do your children's personalities reflect their birth?

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    Default Do your children's personalities reflect their birth?

    DH & I were talking about our kids and how their personalities are so similar to their manner of arrival.

    DS: Arrived 2 weeks late, was quite happy in there, just didn't want to come out. Fast forward to DS as an 8 year old - always the last to come out of class. Slow to get going in the morning or if ever you want to go anywhere.

    DD: Arrived 1 week early, managed to get her head on a nerve that caused all sorts of complications (got urge to push when not ready from it). Fast forward to DD as an almost 6 year old - she always rushes in to everything without looking or waiting for instructions, will rip open packages, often damaging the contents along the way.

    Have you found this with your kids?

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    hmm, I was 2w late and am on time for everything, if not slightly early. Sis was 2w early and is not only late for everything but you can't prise her out of bed with a crowbar!

    DS needed lots of attention during labour and birth and was distressed, he now loves to play on his own and is rarely distressed, unless I've misread his cues and he's suffering from that.

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    YES!! DD was born at 42.5 weeks and only after we forced her out by way of induction!! She was the slowest BFer in the ABA group I was in, the slowest eater in the family, and now constantly dawdles at everything, from school work to bath to well, everything!

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    Yes Definately! My DS 1 birth was very difficult and challenging and to this day he and I butt heads and I find him very challenging!!!!!!

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    Nope not at all... But both dd#1 & dd#2 wwere both exactly 7 days days past Due date...

    DD#1 was induced & distressed during my labour & there was discussions of a C/S... I had Pethidine with her birth.She is just a go with the flow really easy kid & has been a happy go lucky easy child, pregnancy with her was easy too...?

    DD#2, was also distressed (both had poo'd so it was a rush to have them arrive, but DD#2, came on her own, no induction, no drugs & quite fast & speedy... She is so much more needy & clingy & yet has to be woken every morning to get up & go to FDC...

    I think they are & were who they are no matter what... that's just them..?

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    Cait was 13 days overdue and I still can't get her out of bed for school !

    Alex was 11 days early ... I can't say he wakes up early or anything like that.

    They recon that CS babies can be irritable and hard to settle but I never found that.

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    I remember my mother telling visitors I was "lazy" and had to be "dragged out". I've always disliked stories about a baby's birth reflecting their personality for that reason. And I'm not lazy!!

    My boy was a caesarean birth and I don't know what caesarean babies are supposed to be like. I think birth is far too early to be exhibiting personality traits though. I also don't think it has any real impact on the person you become. The circumstances of one's birth are completely outside of one's control after all.

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    Nah, I couldn't say that was the case for me.

    All my children were at 4-10 days overdue. (non complicated births). They get up early EVERY morning. Sometimes I wish they would just sleep in!

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