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    Cass Guest

    Foster Parenting

    Is anyone here or do you know of anyone who is a Foster Parent??
    I would like to hear anything bout you/them.

    Dh and I are thinking that in a few years time - when we have the room to do something, that this might be an option to look at.

    I am not keen in overseas adoption - I would rather try and give a chance to a kid that lives here an option that they otherwise may not have.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004

    We are having our first information session next monday!

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    Cass Guest

    Sheree - how did it go???

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004

    Couldn't get a babysitter for DD, so will try again in a couple of weeks

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    Cass Guest

    #-o Oh bugger....

    Will you let me know how it all goes??


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    Miss Vicki Guest

    from my Personal Experience i think its for Parents with No kids or Grown up kids

    call me selfish or what ever but i had to share my home with ungratefull an bad kids (not there fault thou) from the age of 7-14 (when i first moved out)

    I still Stuggle to Get given time with My mum to see me or her grand child as a result (she has over 5 fostor kids)

    I thought about doin this But i dont think i could cope with the stuff they dump u with

    I think we need more care ppl out there but its a Very hard Emotional job , kids could be there Just a few weeks to a few yrs an Then Gone

    I think Good on you if u can handle it

    I guess i have a very byiast opion on this subject

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    Our castle is now full

    Nov 2004
    Western Australia

    Hi Cass there has been another post talking about this not long ago but i couldnt find it. :smt102

    We are still technically registered as foster carers though we are not fostering at the moment. We became registered because we have alot of love to offer and a fantastic set up where we live with lots of open space. My Mum is a social worker and she had mentioned numerous times how they are always short of good carers ..that sealed it for us. We contacted DCD in our state and went from there. There are numerous interviews to be had with the family talking about a range of things from child development to dicipline to family background. There is also a lot of paperwork..references are needed and criminal background checks are done. I think it took us about 6 months to become registered from memory.

    We had a range of children for short periods of time generally 2 - 6 weeks. We generally tried to stay with children that were younger than my youngest though there were some exceptions. While we found the experience to be incredibly rewarding it also became very difficult for the children that came to stay as well as our own children struggling to come to terms with the behaviours that our guests understandably displayed. For some of the children that came to stay it caused a lot of resentment for them to see how other children lived and are treated.

    So goodluck with your journey. I dont know if we will continue now or not..we might offer the occassional respite..but right now my focus is on my family.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    I too have thought often about fostering kids, esp as i was growing up. I felt that is was very honourable to help kids ion this way, but I guess I have come to think differently since having kids. Most of the kids who need fostering have multiple problems in their lives, which are demanding and you bring that amonst your own children, and that would impact on them too, also I am not sure that my DH would be into it, he is great with kids, but not a great disciplinarian, and I think you have to have strict boundaries and guidelines for fostering kids. I understand babies are different but more often than not it's not babies alone that need fostering.

    I think if you are truly interested then you should look into it and see! You may be the person who is just right for the job, or you may discover it's not for you.

    Good luck