thread: Grand child number

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    Jul 2006

    Grand child number

    I was thinking about how my mum and dad were grandparetns before i had my 3 kids....but DH's mum and dad had none.

    So what number was your child/children in the family?

    My side of the family were:

    #4 Chelsea (3rd Grand Daughter)
    #5 Jasmine (4th Grand Daughter)
    #6 Zachery (2nd Grand Son)

    DH's side of the family were:

    #1 Chelsea (1st Grand Daughter)
    #2 Jasmine (2nd Grand Daughter)
    #3 Zachery (1st Grand Son)

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    Jul 2007

    DS 1st grandchild on both sides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jan 2006

    Ds1 was first grandchild on both sides!

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    Jan 2009
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    my side
    ds was 1st
    dd was 2nd

    MIL side
    ds was 1st
    dd was 3rd (1st gd)

    FIL side
    ds was 1st
    dd was 3rd (2nd gd)

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    Jan 2005

    Yep, DS is the first and only grand child on both sides.

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    Jun 2008

    Yup - DS1 was first on both sides.
    DS2 is 4th on both sides

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    Nov 2006

    My side of the family were:
    Emelia(2nd GrandDaughter)
    Jack (3rd GrandSon)

    DF's side of the family were:

    Emelia (2nd granddaughter)
    Jack (2nd Grandson)

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    Mar 2007
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    On my side

    Danielle 1st
    Ashlyn 2nd

    On DH's side
    Danielle 13th
    Ashlyn 15th (yes they really are 13th and 15th!)

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    Dec 2007
    Sunny Qld

    My side
    DS - grandson & boy # 5 (we had a huge run of boys!!)
    DD - 2nd grand-daughter (grandchild # 8)

    DH's side

    DS - #1 grandchild
    DD - #2 grandchild
    (and will probably remain this way - doesn't look like DH's siblings want to produce any offspring! They hate kids)

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    Apr 2007
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    On my side DD was the 3rd grandchild and on DP's side she was the 10th.

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    If I count step grandchildren as well....

    Kameron was #13
    Lachlan was #14
    Ashton was #16

    If I count just mum only

    Kameron was #4
    Lachlan was #5
    Ashton was #7

    and Mum has Grandsons only, no Grand-daughters.

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    Feb 2007

    DD was 3rd grandchild (2nd grandaughter) on my side & 1st grandchild on her dads side.

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    Dec 2008

    My kids were first grand children on both sides. They are hte only grandchildren on DH's side, his sister won't be having kids any time soon.

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    Jan 2007
    Perth - NOR

    On my side, Aiden was Grand child #4

    On DH side, Aiden was grand child #1

    Next bub will be #5 on my side, and #3 on DH's side

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    Jan 2004

    DD is first grandchild on both sides
    DS is 2nd grandchild on my side, and #5 on DH's


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    Dec 2007

    Charlotte is 1st on my side, 3rd on MIL, FIL was dead long before Charlotte was born (1st for my MIL though doesnt have anything to do with the family. She in fact has a child herself now, so MIL is actually a GREAT grandmother!)

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    Apr 2008

    On my side:
    I'm an only child so
    DD1 is 1st
    DD2 is 2nd

    On DP's side
    DD1 is 2nd (frist girl)
    DD2 is 3rd
    - but the first grandchild is 25yo so the girls are like the first

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    Feb 2006

    both girls are 1st and 2nd and only grandkids on both sides