thread: Help!!! My 3.5yr old Out of Control

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    Help!!! My 3.5yr old Out of Control

    I've been having alot of trouble with my son Liam who is 3.5yrs next week. I'll give you the run down of what happened last night and yesterday afternoon and go from there.

    In the afternoon he was being very rude to me so I put him in his room. I'm trying the 1,2,3 in your room for some time out for 5 mins idea and although it's working ok most of the time yesterday it was awful. He started kicking his wardrobe, the floor and I honestly thought he was going to put his foot through his door. He'd scream 'let me out, I'm scared of you Mummy, open the door' etc etc. All the stuff to make me feel guilty and believe you me I don't need anymore of that emotion atm. I'd open his door for him to slam it again, nearly off it's hinges and he'd start the screaming out again, opening and slamming the door himself. I was at my wits end. Eventually World War 3.5 calmed down but it went on for quite some time.

    In the night it was pyjama and bedtime and this time Liam absolutely lost the plot. He was kicking, screaming, thrashing around on his bed with me trying to put his pj's on him. It took me and my dh quite some time to get him into his pj's with me having to leave the room and dh left to finish dressing him. I just couldn't take the struggle anymore. Liam was then hysterical and I sat with him to calm him down, not good before bedtime as you can imagine. I got him all settled which took some time and coaxing and he fell asleep within minutes.

    I guess what I'm asking here is if you've been through this type of situation what did you do or if me you're going through it now what do you do?. What works for both you and your child and what doesn't?.

    I sure hope some of you can give me some ideas and especially ones to help me with the total frustration, guilt and failure I am feeling. Thanks girls

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    I haven't been through this as you know But I just wanted to offer you some *BIGHUGS*

    I really hope some of the mums here can be of some help, it might help me in the future too.

    Goodluck sweetie, and if you do find something that works maybe let us know how it all goes!

    Also...I know you probably don't want to hear this, but you are NOT a failure as a have seen me go through some bad times with Paris...and I can relate to that feeling...but just so you know. You are a fantastic mum!


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    I am sorry you are having these troubles at the moment. I actually went to Pinky McKay's workshop last weekend called Teriffic Toddlers, which addressed this sort of thing - if you can go I would highly recommend it.

    Pinky is coming along to the Christmas Party on the 7th so maybe you can chat then
    Kelly xx

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    How have you been going with this? I am having similar troubles with my almost three year old.