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Thread: How do you preserve artwork?

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    Default How do you preserve artwork?

    Just wondering how you store your child's art & craft work. Do you toss a lot and just keep a few? I saw a good idea on TV about taking photos of each piece of 'art' and then getting a photobook printed for each year of stuff. that way you don't have to worry about storing the original anywhere.

    So what do you do? I don't want crates and crates of stuff that I just can't part with.. yet I don't wanna just toss it either.

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    Scan it then toss it unless it is super special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brontide View Post
    Scan it then toss it unless it is super special.
    scan or photograph it so you have it forever - use what you can as "special" wrapping paper for gifts, toss the rest. it's not worth keeping stuff you can't "use"

    just keep the really important stuff...

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    Wow Liz, the idea of getting a photobook printed of their artwork is a fantastic idea. I just keep the extra special ones, but this sounds like the way to go Thanks

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    THe photobook is a great idea.

    I have kept a few special pieces in my filing cabinet and have some hung up in our family room but threw out the rest, I just got sick of it. I also used to get the kids to take them when we visited family so they could give them some.

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    Postit Paks (Poster ones) roll for each year (for the good pieces) and if its craft and can't be rolled we keep one tub for both children, anything they don't keep we take photos and then give as gifts.

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    Liz, i was just thinking about this the other day as i just have a HUGE amount of DD's work, that i have not been able to part with, yet storing it is becoming a nightmare, and she has only just started kinder.... (she has attended CC)

    I love the idea of the photobook.... but then there is the actual "tossing" of the original's which i just KNOW i wont be able to do... this is where DF is so handy lol he can disconnect from stuff easy and do it. But i bet if i asked to throw away any of his hundred's of V8 mag's, that WOULD be a different story

    Goodluck, if you find something that work's, let me know

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    I even take photo's of what DD (nearly 3) makes of her wooden building blocks ... one time she made a whole town of little houses & another time she made three faces representing DP, i & herself ... So sweet !!

    She has drawn some amazing pictures on her blackboard (chalkboard) especially one of a fish, a house & faces of people she knows ... so i take photo's of those too

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    i also photograph block buildings and tea party set-ups lol i just cant help myself!!!

    we have only had about 7 sessions at playgroup, and im already wondering where im going to store all the stuff!! what i have done is stick up the 'newest' artworks on her wardrobe doors for her to show off to visitors, then i photograph the wardrobe!! so i get 5 or 6 in one shot!

    god knows what im going to do when she brings home craft things!!

    we also take a painting each time we visit a family member, they love it and dd is so proud to give them away!

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