: How did your views on parenting change?

  • It was very much what I expected it to be

    6 25.00%
  • It was mostly what I expected it to be

    7 29.17%
  • It was a little as I expected it to be

    8 33.33%
  • It was nothing like I expected to be

    3 12.50%

thread: How hard is it being a parent?

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    Feb 2003
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    How hard is it being a parent?

    We all have varying expectations of parenting before we have children, then after we have had them, we may change that view on parenting we once had - never the less we gain a much better understanding! As much as you can prepare thoroughly before the birth of a child and bringing him/her up, of course there is nothing to prepare you for the real thing!

    How different is parenting to what you expected before children? Please note this has nothing to do with being a good or bad parent, but what you thought parenting would be like, and how different you feel it was from your initial views.

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    I selected it is mostly what i expected. Having basically helped raise my older nephew so I knew what to expect and it was no great shock to the system.

    Love :smt049

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    May 2004

    It's mostly pretty much what I had expected! Sort of!!! I have a 10 year old stepson so that will come in handy!!

    What I didn't expect, and it sounds really stupid......was how much I really, really, really love Jack. It sounds stupid as people always assume that they will love their kids, but it was HOW much. Confused?


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    Jun 2003

    I would have to say its everything I expected. I had looked after a newborn for a few months a couple of 6 mths or so prior to falling pregnant so I knew what I was in for with sleep etc. I had been around alot of children growing up and recently to conception. The only thing I guess I never knew was how much I could love another human being, and the guilt that comes along with everything you do LOL!

    But parenting wise I have followed pretty much everything I thought I would.


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    Nov 2003

    it was mostly what i expected because of seeing what my brother and sister in law went through with my nephew, and second cousins


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    Jan 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    I got a surprise when I answered this question because I realised I had not really given much thought to parenting! The thing I find most surprising is that I thought I would be able to discipline my child but I fam finding that very difficult and feel like I "give in" to her wishes constantly.

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    lulusmum25 Guest

    I have to admit I walked into parenting blindfolded. I had no idea what to expect and am still trying each day to work it out ](*,) I mean I knew the basics, babies cry alot need nappy changes alot, eat and sleep. I was sort of prepared for that what i didn't know was how hard it was going to be emotionally. No one told me that some days you would scream at your kids out of sheer frustration, I thought only bad mothers did that, Boy did I have a lot to learn!


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    Apr 2004
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    Pretty much what I expected. Although I didn't know that just one night with no sleep turned you into a raving monster.

    Like joja, its overwhelming how much you love your child/ren. I assume its the same when you have more than one.


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    Melinda Guest

    If there's one thing that I've learnt, it's that no matter how prepared you think you are for a baby, and no matter how long you have wanted a baby for, nothing can prepare you for their arrival!!! It doesn't matter how much you want a baby, or what you read in books, it's all different and very challenging, but oh so rewarding!!!! It's the only job in the world that you don't get training for, and you don't get paid for either LOL! But on the flipside, there's definitely no job in the world that is more rewarding and satisfying!!!