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    Default KIDS!!!

    My girls usually have cold water sitting in the bath through the day so they can go in & out to keep cool. I just went in there to ref another argument to find the little darlings fighting over a tape recorder. Yes a tape recorder in the bath. A Wiggles one that runs on batteries, with a microphone. IN THE BATH!
    My grandmother bought it for Jaz for her 2nd birthday, & it's nver really been used. It was practically brand new!
    Not happy. Why do kids do these things?

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    Because it's fun!! What can be more fun than splashing in the bath SINGING ?? Any pop star will be sooo jealous
    And they don't know better yet!
    :hugs: Though it's hard for us (grown-ups) to "get" that, be honest, don't you just want to get in there with them?
    I know you must be livid about the tape recorder, since it was a gift, but it's only material stuff. Them singing in the bath is a GREAT memorie.

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    ugh.. kids are fun aren't they

    try opening it up and sitting it outside in the full sun tomorrow. My darlings did this once with a similar type thing and it now works. Well I finally got rid of it but it worked

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    I bought my DS his first pair of shoes... and because I wanted them fitted properly I went to some fancy shoe shop for kids and forked out $65. More then I would spend on my own shoes!

    Well... one shoe went missing for about 6 weeks. We discovered it hidden within the TV cabinet when we moved house!

    Then the same shoe took a swimming lesson one day when his nanna was running his bath. He just ran in with his shoe and threw it into the bathtub!

    Don't get me wrong... my DS loves his shoes. Every morning he picks out his shoes, and gets all excited when we put them on.

    Shame about your tape recorder...

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    Fun hey? I swear every day something around here gets ruined My tape recorder that I worked hard to pay for when I was 15 making SAUSAGES in a butcher shop for a month (ugh!) was recently broken by my children Didn't see it happen... it still plays but the cassette holder doesn't shut. Right now I am sitting beside a broken window pane... a small square window (part of a wall of windows)... I have removed all the glass and it's safe with just a wooden frame but all manner of wildlife are entering through it... a stray cat just stuck it's head in! A magpie got in last weekend and ended up in our pantry! This is the 7th pane to be broken. I haven't got a man over to fix it because the day i do another one will get broken just you wait and see!

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    Definately fun hey!
    My kids decided that they were going to get a drink the other day while the dishes were in the sink ( I had just filled the sink up to wash the dishes and went to the toilet!) I come back in to find the sink overflowing and the tap still on! The precious little darlings could not have waited for me so I could turn the tap off, could they!

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    Uh oh! We have had a swimming shoe too. I couldn't even begin to list the other things!!

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    When I was little we had a speak and spell (a very expensive computer thing that did spelling games), apparently I thought it was dirty and took it into the bathroom and put it under the RUNNING tap with a bar of soap and washed it!!!! Whoops!!

    Kids just dont think things through the way adults do, they have their own kind of logic.

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