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    Jun 2003

    Pocket Money/Chores

    What chores do your kids have around the house? Do they get pocket money for their jobs? And for those of you TTC or PG will you introduce pocket money at some point?

    Paris has had jobs for the past 6 mths or so... Her jobs include (she's nearly 3 1/2):

    *Helping to pack away toys or anything else that she can.
    *She puts her own washing in her washing hamper
    *Puts all recyclables in the recycling bin
    *Puts some clothes away in drawers (stuff she can reach)
    *Sets Table (this is a new one but she does a great job)

    Marc and I have talked and we think its about time she got pocket money, with each year (and with that more jobs) she'll get more pocket money. Its not a payment system as she would be required to do this regardless LOL! But we both agree it helps to educate about money and finances. So as of this week Paris will be getting 50c to start. Next year it will be $1 and then School it will be $1.50 going up each year in 50c increments And there can be "tips" or "deductions" depending on if she's done alot in one week or hasn't done her share or misbehaved etc.


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    Oct 2003
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    That sounds good Cailin, DH & I had discussed this for Matilda, and we decided on a similar thing, but that Matilda would have a basic allowence say .20 and then when she's big enough to do chores, she would have a list that was expected of her and any extras she would get more $$ for...we haven't got much further in the decision but hopefully we have a few years

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    Feb 2004

    Sounds like a good way to go I think Cailin. It's probably similar to what we'll do with Alexzander when he's a bit bigger.

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    Aug 2003

    Ashlea doesnt get a certain ammount of money, as i dont want to deal with the 'how much for this age' thing at the moment, but when she helps around the house i give her some money, usually just change out of my wallet and she puts it in her money boxes. She has two, one for the bank and one that she calls her 'horse' money box, cause when she gets some money she likes to go to this little place that has horse and train rides.
    She does jobs like: puts the washing in the laundry, makes her bed (she is SO partiular about this and has to make sure its perfect!) she takes all her dishes to the sink and she picks her outfit the night before and puts it in her bedside drawer ready to get dressed in the morning. Oh and she helps clean up her toys.
    Lately she'll get something out and say "mummy, i'm playing with my tea set and dollies, but i PROMISE PROMISE i will pack them all away when im finished" And she does!!
    She loves helping around the house and cooking so its great!

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    I won't pay the kids to do what I consider to be their contribution to the family, and have always made this clear, cos if you live in this house, you contribute (DD is 12). I will however dock pocket money if I have to repeatedly ask her to feed the poor cat etc.
    She can earn extra by doing stuff like weeding the front garden, or washing the car as she is always looking to fund a trip to the movies.
    DD can spend her money as she likes, but she is getting smarter by taking lunch to school instead of buying it - just like i had hoped!