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    Aug 2003

    single mum

    Hey, am I the only single mum here or are there any others?

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    Feb 2003
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    I didn't know you became a single mum - if you want to chat please send me a message on MSN - [email protected]

    I know there are other single mums here - I do hope you are okay - please let me know!
    Kelly xx

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    Aug 2003

    hey Kel,
    Yep Michael and I broke up the end of last year, he's a bit of a head case and so i asked him to move out
    Ashlea and I are fine, we're tough little cookies
    Thanks for asking though!

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    mum2ella Guest

    Hi Dee!

    Im yet another single mum! Ella and I have been by ourselves ( without her father) since she was 6 months. I love being a single mum although it does get pretty tedious at times! I love to see that she is happy, bright and content and I can provide her with all of this all by myself! lol!
    Hats off to all you single mums! There is so much support out there so you dont have to be alone!
    Anyone care to add me to their messenger! Please feel free to do so!
    [email protected]
    Take Care

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    I have added you Jess