thread: Sleeping Dilemma updated and thanks

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    Sleeping Dilemma updated and thanks

    Hi Ladies
    Thanks so much for your suggestions and replies to my post below. =D>

    We shifted Brady into a single bed when he was around 11 mo. We've put the cot up against one side of the bed and turned the bed around so the bed head is down the end. He now sleeps so much better without waking and luckily hasn't fallen out yet. When he wakes - he just sits up and sings out for us When DH goes to bed, he moves his bed up next to Brady's and in the morning, Brady rolls over into his dad's cute the male bonding that goes on in the mornings :smt008

    Thanks again

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    Thats beautiful, I am so glad you have a happy arrangement. So long as you are all happy & well rested it doesn't matter how or where you all sleep


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    Glad to hear everything has gone well Shazza. Don't you just love that male bonding. It is so sweet

    Love :smt049