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    Mar 2004


    I was just reading this article on the main bellybelly site about TV and it got me thinking about TV and children. One of my friends calls her TV the electric babysitter (she's the baby!!) and I think that maybe in some houses its all to true.
    How much TV is too much? At some stage I'm going to have to implement TV rules in my home. I was thinking that maybe we could have a 'TV budget' ie a certain amount of hours a week so that Yasin has to think about what he's watching and whether its worth including in his budget. I'm not sure how many hours a TV budget should be or if DVDs should be counted as part of the budget. Also I'm wondering if I should allocate some of the control over the budget to myself, maybe one hour a week so if I see a really good doco I can make it part of the TV allowance. I'm hoping to have more children so I can see arguments over the TV budget being an issue but also maybe a way of learning negotiating/compromising skills. Anyway I'm rambling and thinking out loud.
    What if any TV rules do you have in your homes? Do you think we all watch too much TV these days?

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    May 2003
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    We actually watch very little TV, despite my addiction to My Restaurant Rules and Survivor!! (These are about the only things we watch!)

    During the day the TV is never on ever, usually just the radio. We usually on put it on to watch specific things.....I can't stand it when people chanel hop!

    We do have a few DVD's for Olivia, things like the Wiggles and the Koala Brothers but have found the music is the only thing that captures her attention, so we might just as well put on a music CD.

    I grew up without a TV in the house and as such played outside a lot more or read a lot of books, which although I hated being the "odd one out" at school, I am now really grateful for.

    DH and I have talked about it a lot and whilst we will have a TV in the house, would like to really guide Olivia in to other interests rather than her becoming a square eyes in front of the will defiantely ration it!

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    Kameron normally doesn't too much TV. We have his Elmo DVD going in the mornings, but half the time he doesn't even watch it. only when he is eating his breakfast, it is just background noise. He watches The price is right, and the simpsons and that is it really.


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    I usually have the TV on as background noise when I'm at home, but have recently moved a clock radio into the kitchen to take it's place.

    I try not to have TV on when keenan's in the lounge, just chuck in a music disc into the DVD player....

    I know it'll be hard trying to implement TV restrictions when he's older (I am a self confessed TV Junkie...) so I have been trying to wean myself off it by taking Keenan onto our front porch with his big play-mat and a bunch of toys, for walks out to 'watch the cars' and to the park/ playgroup/mothers group/ABA group.

    I've got books for him when he's older, and activity based books for me to help him do stuff when it's not nice weather.

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    Mar 2004

    Harry watches ABC in the mornings, he loves bananas in pyjamas, sesame street, and the koala brothers. Then during the day he might watch one DVD but often he only watches for a few minutes then goes off and plays. When he does that I turn it off so we don't just have the TV going in the background all day.
    I do admit to using the TV as a way to get some peace and quiet sometimes, but I don't feel that is a negative thing. It is balanced out by play and outings.

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    Feb 2004

    I think that too much television is no good for both adults and kids... we'll have to set some sort of rule as well.

    We have already decided that no television will go on in the morning before school (well in 5 years!) and no telly while eating meals.

    DH and I much prefer the radio and cd's as well, but I must admit that we have our favourite shows also.

    Having said that - we have just bought DS some Baby Enstein DVD's! I wish that you could leave the sound on the telly and turn the picture off??

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    I also have concerns about the amount of TV Aidyn is going to watch... I don't want him to pick up on DP's bad habits of watching TV constantly (even when there is nothing he particulary wants to see!)

    At the moment I put ABC kids on most mornings, but he usually only pays attention to it for a couple of minutes, just when the theme music for a few shows plays. He has a Spot DVD, and a couple times a week I will put that on for him and let him watch about 3 episodes (5 mins each). He loves it and shreiks with excitement, LOL!

    I also do not want him watching TV before school (when he is of that age) and will probably limit him to no more than 1 hour a day (and even that is more than I would like...)

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    Jul 2004

    Lily has grown a liking to watching telle #-o So we will have to have restrictions when she is older. We have a few Winnie the Pooh and Carebears DVDs which she loves to watch.

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Good topic.

    DP and I watch heaps of TV. We have cable, 3 tvs in the house, and I even have a TV card on my PC. It's hardly ever on during the day, but we settle down to it every night when the kids are all sorted.

    So as you can imagine, we're pretty lenient about the kids watching telly, however, we do have the following rules:

    -It doesn't go on before school unless they have had breaky, brushed their teeth, are fully dressed including hair, school bag packed, room tidy. Consequently it's rarely on before school

    -It doesn't go on after school unless they've got changed, unpacked their school bag, done their homework and their room is tidy. This one needs more strict enforcement.

    -After many many reminders not to make a mess and to clear their dishes, they are no longer allowed to eat/drink in front of the telly.

    -Telly goes off by 8.30 unless not a school night and special permission sought/viewing choice approved of

    -Baby boy has ABC on in the morning & sometimes Nick Jnr, but really only likes the music so far.

    BTW, 2nd ex husband (8 year old's father) doesn't have a telly and thinks they are evil. Also my lovely cousin (who's into Steiner education and organic milk) doesn't watch telly and rarely lets her kids do so. I think they're missing out. Sure there's lots of rubbish, but there's also lots of opportunities to see how other people live, things they wouldn't normally see, educational stuff. And even rubbishy drama can be worthwhile. Kids learn to recognize good & bad, discretion, personal taste, choices. You can talk to them about the concept of advertising, which is a reality in life. :soapbox:

    My attitude is no restriction other than rating/type of shows (another big topic for discussion) and as above. I actually think they get a lot of good from watching tv, it's good chill out time for them, and I'm proud to say my girls both love to read, and both do after school activities (another possible topic).

    With little ones, I'm not ashamed to say I would plonk them in front of ABC or a video to get some peace, and I don't think it was anything but good for them. There are some really good quality shows for kids, and as long as it's not to the exclusion of other important things, I say don't stress about it. I find both younger and older kids will get bored with the tv and go looking for something else to do of their own accord anyway. And the occasional day of staying in your pjs and watching junk all day on tv never killed anyone

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    Mar 2004

    At the moment the TV rule in our house is only one Dora DVD a day and if he's lucky a wiggles DVD as well (but he has to dance LOL). I find that if I put it on in the late afternoon he's not so feral and I can get dinner ready with less interuptions.

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    Feb 2004

    We don't have rues as such, but the TV is very rarely on during the day. Generally it goes on for Hi-5 at 6pm and it will keep Zander occupied for about 15mins until he realises I am making dinner & has to help LOL! It generally will stay on after that, daddy will watch the news and we watch other shows later on, but Zander just isn't interested. Like a lot of the others, he prefers to listen to music.

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    Nov 2004
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    We have several televisions and foxtel but the girls really dont watch much tv at all. We have rules that unless its a rainy day tv doesnt go on after school. I much rather them to be playing outside and enjoying other things rather than sitting in front of the television each day. They watch H&A religiously each night and a couple of other shows during the week. The kids are more intent on watching dvds which they have a large range of. I prefer those as I know what is in them and know that after an hour and a half its finished over! Some of the cartoons and even Lizzie Maguire and Sponge bob are just too ridiculous!!!On the weekends if they have free time ie in schoolwork and chores around home are done they are able to watch what they want with guidance and there are times when Darren isnt working where we will all snuggle up as a family and watch dvds continuously! I do believe in moderation but Im not a nazi about it KWIM.

    Sammy really doesnt notice the television at all. Sometimes if we are home I will have playschool on and we will sing the songs together but thats really it for him.