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Thread: At what age are kids at their silliest?!

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    Default At what age are kids at their silliest?!

    Kids can be so cute and funny sometimes, just simple things they say and do can make you laugh out loud, giggle or turn bright red from embarassment! Out of the following choices, which of the following ages did you find your child to be most amusing and what was the thing that best sticks in your mind?

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    I think maddy was funniest around 2-4 yrs...
    Although she still come out with school yard quotes etc that are hilarious....

    But I recall being at a friends shortly after maddy's 2nd birthday & they had a huge huntsman on the wall & it was staring @ us, I am petrified of spiders & she is worse, so the kids were playing, but maddy has super zoning out skills where she looks like she is playing in one place but she is listening to us & we were both swearing badly about how to get the spider!!!! Both preparing to catch it & then it would move so we were squealing & swearing at the silly F'ing thing!

    Eventually we got the vaccuum & I put plasticbags on my feet & arms & after building up to it for over an hour I sucked it up the vaccuuum, we threw the vaccuum out the backdoor & were relieved it was gone!!!!

    A few days later at my sisters for a christmas party there was a spider on the wall & my sisters very 'proper' in laws were saying how to catch it...

    When Maddy says very loudly.. "My Mum is good at catching those F'ing spiders!" My parents, myself & sister just cracked up laughing.....
    But sisters in laws looked at us dumbfounded!

    Later the kids were given icecreams & sent outside, Maddy comes in with just a cone & says... "That F'ing dog took my icecream!" Well we just could not help it but laugh!

    She has never ever used those words since as they are probably too common for her.... Unfortunately, but it was funny!!!!

    But I can also say taking a talking child into a change room, or public toilet with you is not a good idea either!! They comment on your knickers, on what your doing & your bikini line etc!!!!

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