thread: What do you love most about being a Mum?

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    Mar 2007
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    Talking What do you love most about being a Mum?

    Hi all,

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I was just wondering what you love most about being a Mummy?

    And what is your favourite thing/activity that you like to do with your children?

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    What a great question!

    Its a hard one to answer though as being a mum is such a huge part of life forever....the thing that jumps out in my mind though is just being able to be the only person who can really soothe Archie when he is upset. i love it that he always just ron up to me and gives me a big cuddle and kiss for no reason other than we love each other so much. I love that Archie and i just seem to know each other so intimately (if that makes sense to anyone?) we can stare into each others eyes and its like the whole world disappears and its just the two of us so familiar with each other, and so intuned to one another's thoughts and feelings.

    i love the photo of your beautiful bub, she is gorgeous already!

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    I LOVE the way she looks at me and the feeling of her hands on my skin!! I love looking at her while she sleeps and I love carrying her around. I love watching her spit and I love seeing her happy. I love her wet hair and I love the little sounds she makes when drinking.
    Ok, that is what I love about my daugher, but THAT is exactly why I love being a mom ... my daughter!

    Our favorite activity: Bathtime and playing outside naked (she, not me )
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    I love how rewarding it is everyday my DD does something that melts my heart. I love when my DD wants me when she is upset, i love when she says "uv u mama" that is 'i love you mummy'
    My favourite activity is to play outside in her sandpit with her as she enjoys it so much and i love to see her smile!

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    Aug 2006
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    The thing I love most about being a mum is the laughter! My children crack me up and make me smile even on my worst day. I also love it when my girls tell me they love me or give me a kiss out of the blue and when my baby boy smiles at me with that look in his eyes that is pure love.

    Activities we love doing are gardening together (can get messy, be loud and don't get into trouble!!), cooking, telling each other what we like about ourselves each morning on the way to school.

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    Jun 2007
    ...not far enough away :)

    This may sound a little silly, but just recently when i hand Charlie over to someone else he'll cry to start off with & stop when I take him back & cuddle him....I love that feeling of being needed!!

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    Apr 2007

    DD is only 3 1/2 months old, but I love the idea that I will be able to share all the things that bring me joy with her. Already I show her things I like such as things in nature or art objects and tell her about them and see her little face light up.

    Our favourite activity is breastfeeding looking into each other's eyes. I love it when she smiles with a mouthful of breast. So cute.

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    I love feeling like I'm the most important person in her life. She is so dependant on me and wants me and noone elso. THats the best feeling. I love to watch her eyes light up when I have been out of the room for a while and when she sees me her little facial expressions are priceless.

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    My daughter's nine and a half weeks old so it is early days for us both but I love the variety of her smiles. We have the:

    Completely Awake, Good Morning What Are We Going To Do Today Mum Smiles and;
    The Smile Through A Cry, Just A Temporary Glitch Mum Smile; and
    The I Know It's 3am And I Really Should Be Asleep But If I Smile Sheepishly PLEASE WILL YOU PLAY Mum Smile

    What do we enjoy doing? Well, no-one told me how endlessly amusing we would find coo-ing at each other, making up songs (a la Mister Gee from Summer Heights High) and watch her eyes widen like saucers when I make a noise like a phone. I spend most of the day smiling and laughing with her. It's fab.