thread: When was your child's first dentist appointment?

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    Nov 2005
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    When was your child's first dentist appointment?

    Just wondering when you took your child to the dentist for the first time. I took DD1 for the first time today - she is 5. I thought she maybe could have gone a little earlier, but I didn't think I was too far off the mark.
    But her teeth were already in need of attention, so I guess I was kind of late. It's hard to schedule those appointments with no coverage - you know it's going to be expensive! But then, the longer you leave it, the worse it gets, of course, too.
    Anyways, have I been a super-delinquent mother? Has everyone else been scheduling regular appointments for ages before this? Or are there a few other mums out there like me, who are bringing their kids in for a check-up before they start school?

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    I took DS a few months ago at age 2.5. I knew he was supposed to have an appointment at baout the age of 2, however I am scared of the dentist so I had no plans to take him. He fell over and hit his front tooth on the wooden toybox, the tooth started to go grey so I made an appointment. His teeth are beautifully healthy (which surprises me). Has he no hurt his tooth, he still wouldn't have been to the dentist. Dont feel bad, you certainly aren't the only one, all you can do is learn from this and take your other children earlier.

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    I asked my dentist, and he said to make sure they get to the dentist before they start school.

    How on earth would you get a 2yo to sit and open his mouth for a dentist???

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    My dentist suggests kids going at 2. The first visit is just to get familiar with the chair and with him (and if they will sit for him, then great!) otherwise you go a second visit shortly after for an inspection of the teeth.

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    Feb 2007

    My eldest dd went the first time at 3.5yrs all, fine. then again at 6 all fine. But then late last year hadn't been since then so at 8.5 years needs to have 4 fillings done.

    Middle dd went at 3 all fine, and 5.5 all fine. So even with check ups things change, i know it had been nearly 2.5 yrs between but my the dentist said that my eldest has pits that make her prone to holes.

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    I'll probably take DS towards the end of this year.. he'll be 4 the following march. I'm due for a checkup at some stage before then so he can come with me and meet the dentist etc. I'm not gonna pay just for him to get familiar LOL.

    The dentist said they shouldn't need to see them earlier unless they've been sleeping with bottles or something which would rot their teeth.

    I hope the kids haven't inherited my teeth, I have a mouth full of fillings and root canal etc etc etc.. I had braces at 15... ugh. They seem to have straight healthy teeth already, lets hope the adult teeth are the same! haha.

    Thanks for the reminder tho Cricket - I probably would have forgotten about the dentist until closer to starting school!

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    Oct 2008

    When I went for my semi regular check up every 12 months or so I would take DD with me and she would get a chance to sit in the chair herself and feel it go up and down and get used to the idea. This started at 2 and by the time she was 4.5 she had her own check up where she was excited to be doing what mummy had been doing. She got a sticker and her own tooth + brush toothpaste. Both DH and I have had to have a lot of dental and orthodontic treatment so I didn't want DD being scared incase she needed it too. She is probably due for a check up now (as am I but not going cause preggers - I'll just get told off!) so i'll probably book in at the school dentist, which I think is less expensive. I think often that dentists bulk bill for children who are having a general check up which is even better.

    You aren't super delinquent - I just realised I haven't booked DD for her 'bluebook' check up which was meant to happen before she went to school - she's done two terms already oops!

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    It's nice to hear from some other mums that I wasn't too far off!
    DD has 2 good sized cavities that need attention (one is getting a sort-of root canal ) and I was feeling like a terrible mother for leaving things too long. But things can change in their mouths fairly quickly, I guess - even if she had been in at 3 or 4, this could have happened. And I have fairly weak teeth myself - lot's of fillings. Thankfully mine are straight. DH, on the other hand, has strong teeth (only one filling!) but has had about 8 pulled to make room, plus braces. OUCH! So I guess we're kind of doomed either way. I better just make sure that I keep regular appointments for the kids, and make sure that DD2 goes in sometime soon too.
    DH and I both have glasses (contacts, actually) too, so no doubt we'll have those bills coming soon too.... In fact, the family doctor gave DD1 a quick eye check at her last appointment (a school readiness thing) and said she should probably see the optometrist. Oh joy.... Such is life I guess.

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    I took my DD who is 6 to the dentist this week. I have been taking her since she was 4, every 6 months. She loves going so she can wear the sunglasses! Thankfully my health insurance covers 2 check ups per year as it was going to cost me $93!!!! The first couple of visits were just to make sure she had all of the teeth she was supposed to have and get her familiar with the dentist. She had a clean this week and check up and so far so good, no cavities. She was so excited to get a sticker that said "Hooray no Decay". I have heard that kids inherit their teeth from their dad - not sure if thats true or not????

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    Apr 2008

    My dentist said that 3 years was a good age - that reminds me, I need to book in for DD1 and me!