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Thread: Any experiences with any of these Monash IVF FS?

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    Default Any experiences with any of these Monash IVF FS?


    We have decided to start the ball rolling and go see a FS. Two months ago we started seeing a natural fertility lay and although it is early days I am 36 and don't want be a year down the track wishing I had already got the ball rolling, from what I read it takes a while from the initial meeting. After 18 months TTC and over 35 we have already waited more than the 6 months we should have for my age group. Just want to be proactive.

    So I am choosing between Gareth Westen, Nicholas Lolatgis, Luk Rombauts as they consult in Richmond and Clayton. I would also like to hear if any finds others at Clayton particularly awesome.
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    Haven't had anything to do with those FS, so can't advise you there, unfortunately. However I have been seeing Lynn Burmeister (see thread on Lynn Burmeister elsewhere in this forum).

    As for the nurses, most of them are pretty good. I had one for my first cycle (who shall remain nameless) who seemed a bit dottery and should probably start thinking about retirement, but now I see Michelle who is pretty good.

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