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Thread: Fertility First in Hurstville

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    Beccababe Guest

    Default Fertility First in Hurstville

    Has anyone been to Fertility First? I have my first appointment there next Wednesday (14.3.07).

    Just wondering if anybody can give me any information on what the people are like and what the costs are like?


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    Sammi Jane Guest


    Hi Beccababe,

    My GF went to FF at Hurstville and she said all of the nurses were wonderful and her FS Ann Clark was great. She had nothing but good to say about them. She recommended me use them but they're too far away.

    I don't know about costs though. I'm pretty sure they have a website - just google their name - and it might have costs on it.

    Good luck next week.

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    We used to use Monash IVF specialists in Melb, but since coming to Sydney we see Dr Anne Clark at FF. She heads up the Fertility Society of Australia, so is really top notch when it comes to FS. I find them so much nicer to deal with than the nurses and specialists at Monash ... (sorry Monash, but it's true from our experience)... we felt like Monash didn't address our fertility issues, whereas since moving to Sydney, things are happening, docs are doing stuff (secretly, one of the main reasons - if not THE main reason - we moved interstate was to see Dr Clark at FF... but as fas as most people are concerned, we moved "for work").

    Anne is really honest with you, and she doesn't stuff around. She recognises that by the time you come to a fertility clinic, you most likely wanted to be pregnant years ago!

    As for cost... I think it is $150 for the initial consult... ring up and ask, they will be happy to tell you. $75 for follow-up consults... I think!

    Hope this helps,

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    Beccababe Guest


    Thanks guys, your comments are very re-assuring.

    We originally went with Sydney IVF in Liverpool, but Dr Lok was not able to help us (we need a sperm donor). I'm hoping that everything will go ok and I will be Pregnant before the year is out!!

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