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Thread: Fertility specialists in western Sydney

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    Default Fertility specialists in western Sydney

    After deciding that I'm currently very unhappy with my current gynecologist and discovering that DH possibly has a few fertility issues along with my PCOS and stubborn refusal to actually ovulate, we've decided that we need to find a new fertility specialist.

    We would prefer someone who can deal with both male and female infertility and who would explore other options before resorting to IVF. We live in the extreme North-West of Sydnay (Windsor) and would prefer not to have to travel too far. Penrith/Blacktown/Castle Hill areas are ok, but my personal preference would be to give birth in Penrith if we ever get to that point.

    Any suggestions?


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    Aussie_Chik Guest


    Hi butterfly

    We use IVF Australia (don't get put off by the name it's not just IVF). A friend of ours has used them too for 2 successful PG's. Anyway, they have offices at Westmead and Castle Hill. Not sure where else, maybe Blacktown??? Anyway, i'd definately give them a try as they work with both males and females and certainly encourage couples to attend visits.

    Initial costs to see a dr is about $160 (about standard I think) and you can claim a portion back on medicare. After that you see the nurses for BT's (a cycle watch initially costs $150) and U/S which is on medicare and then when you see the dr again it's about $90 for each subsequent visit, again which you can then claim a portion. DH also had a SA which was $95. All up so far we have spent about $500. It can get a bit costly but if you're on the safety net and it starts to add up you can then claim it back once it reaches $1000 (i think???)

    Best of Luck with your choice.

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    Thanks for that, Fletch and Aussie_Chik

    It has at least set me on the right path... I've discovered that there are 4 different places that are probably within easy reach of us: Next Generation Fertility in Westmead; IVF Australia which has a monitoring site in Castle Hill, so that would probably be mainly Westmead again; Sydney IVF which has a centre in Baulkam Hills; and the Westmead Fertility Centre, which doesn't seem to mention IUI on their site at all!

    I'll check around the sites a bit more and probably come back with a billion more questions...


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    PM'd ya BW!!

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    I can recommend Dr Pardey too! I had PCOS and he fixed me right up! He had DH tested down at Westmead, but that came back ok, so can't help with that one. But Dr Pardey is a great OB/GYN.

    Good luck!

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    Default West mead ivf

    Hi there.

    I go to Westmead public to the ivf there but they are a private company working out of the hospital.

    I have had One pregnancy on my first try and have a healthy beautiful baby boy and am waiting to find out on the 18th of this month if i am pregnant again...fingers cross.

    The IVF was $ 1300 but we got $950 back from medicare so you can see its not that much. Transfer was $550 and got $300 back.

    The number is 9845 7484
    and the Dr to make the appointment with is Dr Smith, he is lovely.
    I hope this helps.


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    I saw DR S too at WFC - there are few Drs there who are FS - not just IVF.
    I will Pm you another great Dr

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    That would be great, Trish.

    I was all set to rush out and do things straight away, but DH put the brakes on a bit. He's away for work for a bit and is waiting to have his test re-done, and I think that even after that he'll need a bit of time to process things before we make the decision on which way to go. Sometimes it can be most frustrating the way men deal with things!


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