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Thread: How long from referral to appt to treatment for Monash IVF??

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    Default How long from referral to appt to treatment for Monash IVF??

    Af should be here in the next couple of days (13dpo today with bfn)
    We're coming up to 12mths ttc soon so im wanting to go to the gp this week to get a referral to Monash ivf - he referred us when ttc dd, but we found out we were pg not long after getting the referral.
    I went to see him last month to get some blood tests my acupt wanted & he said he sees no issues as we fell pg back in march and is sure we'll be pg soon, my ob had the same opinion also, so im thinking he'll give me the referral but will say his previous comment about me being pg soon.
    I just dont want to get to 12mths or the end of the year and then be getting a referral and have to wait another few mths, I just think if we get the ball rolling now & dont end up needing it then great, but would prefer to have a plan in place

    So I'm just wondering how long from getting your referral & making the appt to seeing someone, then doing counl & police checks to treatments


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    I remember getting a referral from my GP to a FS who is with Monash IVF. It took about 6 weeks to get an appointment with him. Then I had to blood tests and ultrasounds he wanted done. Then we had to attend a compulsory group info session (I think there is only 2 per month), followed by a counselling session with DH, then another one on one with the nurse before starting our first cycle. So, I think from getting the referral to starting my first cycle was 3-4 months. Not sure about the police checks, because these weren't done when we did our cycles. Hope that helps a little. It's been a while since we went through it, but that's roughly how I remember it. Good luck!

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    You could always book the appointment now with the Monash IVF doctor for a future date of your choice and worry about getting the referral when it gets closer (you only need to have the referral prior to/day of the appointment). What I would do is also book your appointment with the GP the week prior to the FS appointment - then you know you can get the referral prior to the appointment. If you don't end up needing the consult - great - just cancel the appointments.

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    If you go to the monashivf website there are fertility specialists on their site who will offer you an appointment within two weeks of ringing the clinic

    I know this is correct, if you need a recomendation to a FS who will see you within two weeks, please PM me and I will pass on the details

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