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    Default Monash IVF / Melb IVF

    I am sure there has been a thread about this in the last year. I am thinking of swapping clinics and was wondering if anyone has done the same and what they thought. I am with MIVF at the moment and am thinking of going to Monash if I need to do a 2nd cycle.

    I have been hearing alot about them and they seem to operate better than MIVF and they seems to cheaper too which lets face it is an issue when you have to go down this road.

    Any reports?

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    Hi Lucia

    I was asking myself the same question a little while ago, even started a thread in Pregnancy after LTTTC (I think) - but titled it badly so I think many misunderstood!

    I have just started IVF and am with Monash at Richmond. I have a wonderful nurse and the staff and environment are all very good. I have heard many great things about Melbourne, including the fact that your FS does all your procedures. At Monash you deal with one nurse but there are a handful of different docs who may be rostered on to do your EPU and transfer. I haven't found this to worry me - they have all been friendly and professional.

    Another thing that seems to be different is that Monash prefer to go to blastocyst if you have enough eggs.

    What I would suggest is looking at the 2007 annual report on the ITA (Infertility Treatment Authority) website - it gives you statistics for all the clinics.

    Then its a matter of whether its worth going through the hassle with changing....

    No matter what you decide to do, I hope you get that BFP soon!

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    I have been working with Monash IVF since December. I am on a down reg stim cycle right now, my first ART cycle ever. I have been very pleased with the level of professionalism and kindess shown me by my FS and my assigned nurse. Yes, if your nurse is not available, you can speak with anyone on staff. Yes, they do roster the EPU and ET procedures so the workload is evened out. But the facilities are excellent both at Richmond and Clayton, the staff are kind, and there are no questions left unanswered (and I asked a LOT). I recommend them highly.

    I would also recommend anyone looking at IVF to read the book "Getting Pregnant" by Prof. Robert Jansen. Lots of info on treatment and how to be treated as a person.


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    Default Monash IVF

    I am about to start all my treatment with Monash IVF, have my first nurse appointment next month. So far with dealing with my nurse and doctor I have found them to be very helpful and understanding with every little query that i may have. I would definetly recommend them to anyone.


    P.S Lets hope all goes well :-)

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    I have done 4 cycles with Melbourne and and mid-5th cycle with Monash. I liked my FS at Melbourne - she was very kind and had a good bedside manner - and she was involved in each procedure except for one ET as she was away. However, I felt like she wasn't willing to try more experimental things (DHEA) and had almost given up on me getting pregnant with my own eggs. My new FS at Monash gives me hope although she is not warm at all ... but then again, you don't see the FS very much at Monash as has been stated above. The Monash FS is willing to try all the things I've wanted to try - not only that, she has used them all in the past with others - DHEA, more complicated drug protocols etc.

    I do believe that at the end of the day, the lab plays a MAJOR role in success - maybe more so than the FS (assuming you have a decent FS). This is a belief - I have never really looked for any facts to back it up. And - also my opinion - I think that the reason Monash recommends blast is 1 - it has more success growing to blast (perhaps b/c of quality of lab?) and 2 - statistically, if a blast embryo makes it to day 5, the odds of success are much higher than measured against a 2 day embryo. That being said, I have been pregnant twice from 2 day embryos but lost both due to trisomies. I do wonder whether the trisomy would have prevented them from going to blast.

    Lastly, I think that it is important to change if you are starting to feel that your FS has nothing new to offer. However, 1 cycle is, well, just ONE...and it is not that common to get a BFP the first go. They need to see how your body responds to the drugs and make adjustments - by bouncing around so early now that you've started with MIVF, may be doing yourself a disservice. I hope you only have to do 2 cycles, but I think you need to give your FS the opportunity to use what they've learned about you this first cycle....and if you have to consider cycles beyond #2, that is when I'd think about changing....

    ok, that wasn't lastly, this is...all that being said, if I turned back the clock and was choosing my ivf clinic now, I would have started with Monash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buliej View Post
    if I turned back the clock and was choosing my ivf clinic now, I would have started with Monash.
    Me too
    But I wasn't at Melbourne IVF

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    buliej, can I ask who your fertility specialist is? I'm off to see a female Dr at Monash ivf in a couple of weeks and I was so hoping for someone kind and with a good bedside manner (am feeling a bit fragile! The unrelenting nature of ttc is wearing me down!) I've just picked a name off the list provided and I think she was the only female operating in Richmond. Wouldn't mind a bit of a heads up as to what to expect if it is the same person that you're seeing?? I have no idea what to expect.

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    Bea - I sent you a PM

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