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    Smile dear cuddlepie

    is it right that you have seen dr. livingstone? we are thinking about our first IVF with SydIVF and have an appointment with him. What has your experience with him been? We also wonder why his initial consult fee (340$) is almost double of what the other FS at Syd IVF charge, any idea? Is he 'more' qualified of specialized?
    Thank you heaps

    Cheers Beav

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    Hi Beav, yes, I am with Dr. Livingstone. He was initially recommended to me from my aucupunturist.

    I have been with for 2 stim IVF cycle now and about to start the 3rd. I found him a very down-to-earth person and easy to talk to and we have kind of built a bit of rapport now. He is extremely professional and always patient to answer any questions you have. Antoher good thing I found is that after the 1st consultation that you don't really need to see him again (like paying), it is very much communicated by phone after each cycle or discussing next step etc. He is very good of following up with phone calls.

    With my 2 cycles so far, I got pregnant on the 1st FET but unfortunately I had a missed m/c at 8 weeks, he did D&C for me as well. I completely trust his judgement and wouldn't go anywhere else.

    But remember this is just my personal opinion and experience, I think the importance thing to choose FS is what you feel comfortable and whether you have any chemistry with need to trust him and have confidence in him so you can work as a team.

    Good luck with everything and I hope this cycle is IT!

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    Sorry forgot to mention about the fee...I can't remember exactly what we paid, but definitely not $340, it was around $200 mark. He is specialized in immunological testing area as far as I know...

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    Default HI Cuddlepie

    Thank you for your detailed and quick answer, and yes, I completely agree that the chemistry has to be right - we saw one SydFS and it didn't 'klick', so we are kind of thinking whether Dr. Livingstone is the one for us. A few people have mentioned him here, always positive as far as I saw, even though, in some cases, it did not lead to pregnancy (very sorry to read about your m/c ) What is D&C - Im still learning here ...
    yes, the fee with him surprised me compared to other doctors.
    O I forgot to ask, how has your experience with him been towards the woman's age and chances with IVF? we know the facts (we are both in our early 40s) but then it's also about how a FS approaches this topic.
    thanks again and all the best for 'IT'!

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    D&C means dilatation and curettage ...

    With regards to the age issue, I guess we haven't had any specific discussion on that yet so far, I was 36 when I started IVF last year, but I know he will take age into consideration as general practice when he determined the doze of drugs for stimulation as older women tend to be hyperstimulate.

    Maybe worth to raise this when your having the consulation with him to see his approach.

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