thread: What happens at the first consultation with fertility doctor?

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    What happens at the first consultation with fertility doctor?

    We are booking for a first consultation with a fertility doctor in a few weeks time. The cost is a couple of hundred $ and wondering what is included in the consultation.

    We are planning to bring the results of tests (sperm and blood) we have completed so far and also the BBT charts.

    Will it just be like a Q&A session. Are there stages in the fertility assisted process with the doctor and we just go thru each stage trying to conceive? Shall we budget to a consultation with the doctor once a month about each ovulation period (as tests are usually carried out during that period?).

    Sorry for all the questions as we are new to this...

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    Hi There,

    You will find that each FS and clinic like to do a different thing. My experience of our first FS appointment included bringing along Dh's SA results and my bt's. Our FS wasnt particularly interested in my charts. We talked for about 90mins about our health, previous pregnancies or children. The length of my cycle and the heaviness and pain (if any) of my period.

    He didnt order any 2nd tests of what we had already brought as he was satisfied with what our GP had done for us already.

    He then went on to explain about how falling pregnant is a "numbers" thing and there is a small window of opportunity and that he would help us create a higher chance of concieving.

    I had an investigatory Lap, Hyst and Dye to make sure there was no endo or blockages. This was done through a private hospital and was paid for by my health insurance. It can be quiet costly if you are not covered for it - not everyone opt's or needs this surgery but i have a family history of endo so it was worth my while to have it checked out. Fortunately nothing was found.

    I also had some ultra sounds taken to check the size of my follicles and my lining and differnent tims during my cycle. This i had to pay for each time.

    As i said before every clinic is differnt in their approach. I have only needed to see my FS 3 times in the last 6 months and i dont have to see him again for another 5 months if we are not successful on our current treatment of clomid.

    Your FS will explain to you what options there are and which one's to try first that will work for you best.

    There were lots and lots and lots of Q & A's so take a pen and paper if you think you might need it, fortunately my clinic had some great fact sheets that my FS created so i can refer back to them if i need to.

    All the best with your appointment.

    It'susually a bit quiet in here over the weekend but i'm sure someone else will reply and their experience will probably differ from mine.


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    With our first visit we took along my blood tests, DH's SA results, my temping charts and also an ultrasound I had a few months beforehand.

    He said our tests were fine, had a quick look at my charts and said he could see I was ovulating and looked at my ultrasound and said he wanted to do another one on me then so he could check out something that had been noted on the u/s results. He said all was looking good and then booked me in for a lap with dye and D&C for 2 weeks later on.

    After my op, he came to see me that arvo, told me what he found and to call his office Monday morning and make an appointment for that week.

    Saw him on Wednesday and he started me on Synarel for 3 months before we could start IVF. Also made me have some more blood tests, and another SA test for DH along with blood tests for him too.

    Our initial visit was around $200 with follow up visits being around the $140 mark, including ultrasounds (except for the one after my op, which he had included in his fees for surgery)

    Goodluck, don't forget to let us know how everything goes


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    Hi lovey,
    I went and saw my fs,and paid for the first consultation which was about 150. We talked heaps about cycles and sperm etc. He booked me in for lap and dye studies and had me charting all that month. He saw me in the hospital straight after the procedure and explained that there was no reason for my unexplained infertility other than i hadn't ovulated probably for years. I had blood tests done and was advised to call him when i stopped bleeding. I saw him again a couple of weeks later,another 150 then started on clomid.
    Did two cycles of clomid then more bloods and charting. He wanted me to book to see him again, but i felt his approach was a little lax. Changed fs and now anm very,very happy but it will be very xxxy. First consult 130 during which he looked at all my results. Now i wait till iget my period and see him again 100 then have about 8 injections at home and see him again 100 then another copule of shots then another100 and ultrasound and ovulation induction then home. Then see him again about 2 weeks after that. Not sure of charge for ultrasound.dreading to find out.Medicare pay about 30% of all consultations and i think the injections are about 30 every 3 days or so. Costly process, but i want results and am very happy with his approach.

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    Our first appointment was a process of the FS asking us all the questions - gathering information about our medical histories, etc. He then pretty much repeated all the tests we'd had done before, including full hormone profiles on both myself and DH, new SA for DH (IVF clinics are often particular and like them to be done their way, not the standard way pathology centres do them), glucose tolerance test for me (I have PCOS and he wanted to find out how bad my insulin resistance was - VERY!).

    When we got to the second appointment, with all our test results, that's when he was actually in a position to answer our questions and he outlined what course of treatment would be appropriate for us.

    Which clinic/FS are you going to? Someone may be able to give you detailed information on how they work.


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    In my own little world.

    Our initial consult with FS was abotut 10 years ago and cost around $200. Medicare was different then and didnt cover as much as it now does.
    We had more bloods taken to cover any sperm antibodies, all the usual STDs, etc and more semen analysis (mentioned by BW above) ordered ultrasound and bloods later in cycle to ascertain my ovary function and a lap and dye to check for blocked fallopian tubes. General discussion of family health and our past problems/health/any pregnancies etc and a good run down on the basics of the ivf procedures they thought would probably be needed depending on test results.
    That gave a couple of months for those things to be done then a follow up consult to sign all the forms, discuss plan of action and book follow up tests and treatment scheduling. I think it was around 5 months before the first cycle of treatment (full ICSI) after the initial consult so plenty of time to save up and they gave a good indication of the costs at the outset. It seems like forever when you are waiting to start treatment but it is probably a good thing to give you time to get your head around what is a really big thing!!!! There is always mental health support available during the lead up too if you need. They can even do sessions over the phone if you are remote.
    Good luck with everything and dont be afraid to take a list of questions with you as you will probably be overwhelmed a bit when you get in there.

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    Thank you for all the responses and sharing your experiences.

    This will really help us prepare for our first visit. I guess our checklist will be test results so far, and most importantly the questions we would like to ask regarding the fetility process.

    We have just re-confirmed our appointment today and was told the session will be about 1 hour, so I guess we will have alot of get through!

    As for costs, we are on private health insurance as we are not currently permanent residents in Oz (yet) and have no access to Medicare, so it would be interesting how that works out on the claim.

    We will also be going to an IVF Australia associated FS/OB on the North Shore.

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    We are curently going to the same clinic as you are. We have had only one appt. and we both have to have very detailed genetic blood tests and hubby has to have SA test and me an ultrasound. SO i will be able to elt you know more about how we go if you like, since it is with IVF Australia as well. Good luck.
    LSB xx.

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