thread: BB Hemp or Bamboo?

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    BB Hemp or Bamboo?

    Hi Ladies,

    I've just purchased a couple of different types of nappies to trial but am hoping (after analysing costs etc) to use fitted nappies with covers mostly and have some groovy all in ones for going out etc..

    So my favourite looking one's are the baby beehinds because they OSFM, but they were all out of the trial pack and bamboo until end of month. So I ordered a hemp one with PUL cover to trial, but was wondering what the difference is between them and the bamboo other than drying time?? As if I like the hemp, I want to order a big pile of bamboo as like the look better but don't want to order just one and pay postage again KWIM.

    Which do you ladies prefer? Hemp or Bamboo?

    Also, how many Covers would be needed in one day, does it last longer then the nappy. Ie - 1 x PUL for day and 1 x Wooly type one for night??

    And would I need to purchase anything extra to stuff in them for night time or does it come with a booster already??


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    I'm not sure if the trial pack comes with the extra booster or not - they come with two boosters - a long and a short one - but you can get one that you fold up to go either in the nappy or on the outside between the nappy and the wool cover for added protection of a night time.

    I would say about 4 PUL covers - switching between 2 during the day, but have a few spares just incase for POO explosions!! LOL

    And I prefer the bamboo - much softer and a tad more absorbent.

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    I prefer the bamboo too for absobancy. The hemp dries faster though. It's a bit of a tradeoff, one feature versus another. A good reason to get some of each to see what suits your needs

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    i have both and mainly use my hemp ones ... because they dry quicker ... they bamboo are really thick and absorbent the hemp thinner and not as fluffy ... as i use my hemp in the daytime , the absorbency is great ...

    but id use bamboo overnight ...

    a good rule is 24 fitted (18-20 bamboo and about 4-6 hemp .. then if you need quick drying nappies for a couple of days you can use the hemp ... and in summer when its hot , the bamboo dry relativley quickly

    and 4 covers are plenty ...

    if you want to know more about BBH please PM me ..