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    I am new to MCN and my BBH have just arrived!! I just need some advice re the prewash. I plan to wash them 3 times but do they need to dry between washes?

    Also do I need to do anything to the wool covers before using them?

    One last question do I need to use a liner? What sort of liners does everyone use?

    TIA xx

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    I'm in the same situation as you, my order of BBH have just arrived. Did you receive the how-to-guide that came with the nappies? That lets you know what you need to do with the prewash, and what to do with the wool covers.

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    No you don't need to let them dry between washes. You can lanolise the cover if you like but I don't Depends if you have a big wetter or not though. If you do have a big wetter then lanolising it will help with it's waterproofing but it will eventually leak if it's saturated.

    For liners I use microfleece from spotlight. Look for stuff called little additions (or similar, i think they changed the name of it).

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