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    DS2 is now 6 weeks old and i'm beginning to try and get the hang of using cloth nappies with him (with DS1 i never considered cloth). I have read through various threads regarding cloth and i'm trying to inform myself as much as possible but i still have some questions.

    I have purchased BBH's, i have 6 bamboo nappies and 6 covers (3 sml & 3 med). If i get the hang of this i know i'm going to need to get more.

    Within 2 days of using cloth DS had a sore bot. I know nappy rash creams are not reccommended with cloth but is Paw Paw cream ok? Is it ok if you have a liner between the bot and the nappy? Any other adivce on how to prevent the sore bots?

    With the bamboo nappies you get two inserts, the short one and the long one. For a boy do you reccommend using both during the day or just one? Is the longer one more aimed at night time use?

    So far i haven't attempted using them at night because the changes are still quite regular and i'm just too tired to deal with cloth at that time of the night/morning. And i don't have enough nappies yet. But when i do what is the best way to go for absorbancy? How many liners would i need?

    I know there are the wool covers, are they really that necessary? Or can i get away with what i currently have for night use?

    I also have some flat terry towels and was wondering what is the best fold for a boy? I might as well use those as cloth nappies aswell since i have them.

    The cloth nappies are still so big and bulky on DS, is this a problem? I just wonder about his back as he can't lie flat so much with such a big butt. He also likes to lie on his side majority of the time so not sure how comfortable he'd feel. Would he really care?

    I chose BBH at the baby expo but if there are any other brands that you reccommend please let me know, i am willing to spend some money but not a rediculous amount as i'm pretty sure DS2 is the last one for us. I'm happy with my two boys.

    I've been thinking about this for days and questions come and go so i hope i've remembered everything. If it's all rambling i'm sorry i'm still a bit confused on how to do this with ease, you all make it sound so easy. I'm sure these answers have been answered before but this way i get all the answers in one place, i hope you don't mind if you're repeating yourselves. If you have any other usefull advice in regards to using cloth nappies for a beginner i'd greatly appreciate your comments.


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    Geez thats a lot to take in when I'm overtired! I'll do my best

    One paw paw cream is ok - the yellow one - not the red. For any other creams, use a liner. Or be ultra cautious like me and use nothing but moo goo cream - they are fine with cloth. Preventing a sore bottom - hmmm... if they are new nappies that have been washed from all manufacturing residue, it might be a case of your bub getting used to the different materials. I know DS and DD went a bit red at first because it was different than the sposies.

    WIth the inserts - I always used both inserts. Are you using the newborn fold still or not? You can use both inserts in the newborn fold too.

    I use wool covers at night (not the baby beehinds ones though) but ones like longies, shorties, soakers, much better than PUL at night because wool breathes - better for their bums.

    Terry flats - I always used the pad fold for my kids. Google nappy lady UK and she has different folds and recommendations on her site.

    I don't know if its a problem with them being big and bulky ? If you don't like the look of them, go for slimmer fitting nappies - ie, a sized nappy, rather than a OSFM because they will always be bulkier.

    Did I cover everything? LOL

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