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Thread: fabbo nappies?

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    Default fabbo nappies?

    has anyone used these fabbo nappies? one lady makes them and sells them on ebay? i am desperate to use cloth but the money is killer any ideas on these ones? or any cheap options for mcns?

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    Would 2nd hand nappies be of interest? Perhaps try 'Buy for baby'....

    Ive not heard of Fabbo nappies before. I guess you could try a few and see if they work for you.

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    I haven't heard of them either.

    They could be alright but weigh up a few things first.
    What are they made from? How much are they? What are the closures like?

    It could be worth getting some to try but I wouldn't go buying 10 of them JIC they are no good. Same as any other cloth nappy. If you like them then get some more.

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    they are cotton and very cheap say 20 - 30 dollars for 6 depending on how much the bidding goes up because she has a low starting bid (its on ebay)

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    My guess would be they won't be that possibility if you sew or know someone who does, could be to buy some bamboo material and make boosters for the cheap nappies? It might work, I use bamboo or hemp boosters with some of my cotton nappies.

    Another cost effective option is to buy a one size nappy like Baby BeeHinds fitteds, or BumGenius Pockets. Yes, it's a larger up front cost, but most places you can get them from offer lay-by, and being one size, they are usable for bub at any stage. In fact, our Baby BeeHinds Bamboos which we bought for #1 are in great condition on our #2!

    All the best, cloth can be a pricey outlay, but it still is super cheap compared to disposables.

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    Hi there, I ordered some and have just gotten them. After reading the posts, it looks like you should spend your money on brand names.

    Yes, you should

    Just comparing them to the 'brand name' ones I have bought they are very thin in the wet area and the velcro is small. Bubba isn't due for another 10 weeks, so can't say how well they work, just comparing them to the ones I have. I think I will need to use boosters with these and only for day time.

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