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Thread: hemp or bambo? baby beehinds

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    Red face hemp or bambo? baby beehinds

    I currently use cotton prefolds on my 2 DD's and am really happy with them but am considering buying some baby beehinds for over night use. I was wondering which are better- bambo or hemp? I've never seen or felt either. Also are baby beehinds good? and how exactly do they work?? (the blonde thing is coming out again!!!) I just can't quite get the gist of how you use them off the website. I realise they are a fitted nappy and you need a cover but do they also need boosters or inserts or is the nappy alone satisfactory?? It says some thing about a "snap in insert" what ever that it.
    As I said i'm blonde and have 2 babies close in age and in nappies so I don't want something too complicated or time consuming.

    Thanks for your help guys

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    I'd agree about the bamboo. A lot softer and as you can get colored ones they're more fun to use! I use a BBH (babybeehind) PUL cover and two BBH wool covers which I alternate between nappies. Definately worth the investment. My small PUL still fits Caty at (5ish kg) so you get a lot of use out of the sizes.

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    Yep, I prefer the bamboo as well... although they do take a little longer to dry. Very easy to use!

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    I've got both and prefer the bamboo too.

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    Love the bamboo!

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    The bamboo make great night time nappies (esp. with an extra bamboo fold-up) however I find the hemp are just as good for Gab. She wore one last night and it did the same job (with an extra hemp booster) as the bamboo ones do. They're not as soft but certainly a reliable fitted nappy.
    I'd suggest to try both out. Maybe get one of each? The hemp generally dry quicker but the new bamboo/cotton blend dry much quicker than the original 100% bamboo fleece did.
    Also another thing to keep in mind... you only have to wash and dry the bamboo nappies once after you receive them (just to get rid of any stuff from manufacturing and handling). The hemp nappies will need 3 washes before use AND will not reach their full potential with absorbancy until they've been used and washed several times. It's just the nature of hemp. It does get better with age tho
    They're definitely not time consuming and SO easy to use. You do get a feel for how much boosting you need to do. For during the day, the snap-in boosters suffice. I just throw in an extra booster at night (at the front of the nappy because Gabby is a tummy sleeper).
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