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Thread: kissaluvs - good or bad?

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    Default kissaluvs - good or bad?

    hi all

    Just noticed that Kissaluvs fitted are one sale for $15 & was wanting your opinions on this nappy?? What have been ur experiences?


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    Nioce to see its taken me this long to answer..i give you permission to kick me up the butt!!!!

    Now i had some kissaluv NB's for mateauz and thought they were truely wonderful. He wore them for about the first 6 weeks. I found them a really good fit around the legs BUT a bit frilly IFYKWIM. If your after agood fitted NB nappy try FionaJill at wahmnaps (she's listed in the MPM section). I swore by her nappies and we got 3 months use out of them due to her great snap placing.

    Baby beehinds are good but even on the NB setting they are HUGE on a new baby...looks to scarely and big for me.

    Good luck

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