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    Motherease Sandys Nappy

    Hi! Its me again with another nappy question. I was wondering wether anyone has tried Motherease Sandys Nappy and what they thought of it? I was at a friendís house last night and they have 13 month old well they spent $600 on a package of Motherease Sandys Nappy when he was born but didn't really use it past the first month. she said she had to change him all the time cause with one wee he was wet, kinda sad they love huggies now and had full intentions of using cloth before he was born. I tried to stay motivated thinking I wonít be give up that easy (I hope). Anyhow I can have them if I want but noticed they are cotton and was thinking thatís probably why they werenít that absorbent??? let me know what you think, if it would be a good addition to my nappy stash (very small at moment) or will it put me off MCN and should I just stick to bamboo fitted or pockets.

    Thanks! Mel

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    Claire Guest

    Hi Mel - I have two Mother-ease Sandy's nappies and I think they are really great for overnight use. I line them with Sandy's bamboo liners and although my boy is a heavy wetter - the nappy is still dry on the outside when I go to change him.

    I think it takes a good few washes to get the absorbency up to what it needs to be for effective use -maybe 10?