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    Hello....after some opinions on tots bots bamboozles and/or bamboo MCNs. Have heard that they fall apart so don't last very long? Do they stay soft after being washed? Are they absorbant? What size do you recommend - one website said a size 2 could be used from birth if you fold the front down but does this work well? Any recommendations on your fave MCNs would be appreciated too. We had been using flanalette flats but we are finding that DD is just soaking them in an hour so therefore unhappy baby. We have 2 peapods and impressed withthem but DD still hasn't done a no.2 in them so waiting for that test. Thanks.

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    also, what covers are best with these?

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    bamboo fitteds are brilliant - i, and most people, find that it's the only thing that will last for a night nappy, esp if you add bamboo boosters.
    essential imo.

    i like to use a fleece liner for stay-dry feel, and easy poo squirt-off (same as peapods inner)
    covers - any pul or wool cover will be good. pul is easier and trimmer, but wool is more breathable and adds absorbency.
    motherease airflow has the most breathable cover (allowing air flow, hence the name..), but baby beehinds has v strong/heavy elastic.

    (compared with pocket styles/aio):
    downside - they take v long to dry, up to 3 days on the line indoors. and they're bulkier. so i only choose them for night.
    and it's abit more fiddly with the 3 things to put on - liner, nappy, cover (unless you use wool pants/longies)
    upside: easily a 12-14hr nappy. all natural (if you don't use a liner). best poo-retention due to dbl line of elastic defence (one of nappy, 1 of cover).

    i've had no probs w my baby beehinds, but other popular brands should be just as good.
    u need 3 washes to get them at max absorbency. if u avoid the dryer the elastic lives longer, but you can get someone to replace the elastic when it eventually happens.
    they're less soft after washing, but same as any fabric. short dryer spins soften them up.
    no falling apart - very sturdy fabric!

    there're lots of nappy sites w info/reviews if u need

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    Hi Rachel,

    I recently purchased a tot bots bamboozle to see what it was like, and to help me decide if I wanted to buy more. I haven’t had it for very long so I don’t know how hard wearing they are over a long period of time.

    Yes they are absorbent but not as absorbent as Baby Beehinds Bamboo, but they are quicker drying (the eternal absorbency verses quick-drying trade off).

    I have a size 2 for my fatty boom-bah 10 month old and it fits fine. I never thought of turning the top down to fit a smaller baby. I tired it and it looked OK but you really need to road test these things on a real baby to be sure (and there wasn’t one handy that was the right size, baby that is).

    You can use any PUL cover over a tot bots bamboozle.

    I suggest you try a range of MCN and see what works best for you and your bub, what works well for some will be hopeless for others, but it does mean stuffing around a bit to begin with. I have lots of different types of nappy and I use different ones for different things depending on how much absorbency I need (long car trips, nights, naps, etc). It is also good to have nappies that have varying drying times.


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    Hi There! I've been using tots bots bamboozles since dd was born. she's 21 months. I use a variety of nappies and just this week was thinking how impressed i've been with them.

    They hold a lot of moisture (hadn't realised how much til I'd put dd in a cotton tots bots & saw how wet that got). They are wearing well.

    I used them by folding down the front (dd is on the small side!) and it worked really well.

    I haven't used them overnight (we use sposies). during the day I use a pul cover, which works well. A liner would be a good idea for baby to feel dry cos they do feel quite wet.

    They are a little on the crunchy side after washing, but not as stiff as BBH. I would recommend that the white/cream ones are better for this than the coloured ones. If I did it over I wouldn't buy the coloured ones again. I line-dry then throw them in the dryer for 15 min. that softens them a little. sadly they've never been as soft (aaah) as they were when they were new, but I might not be washing them right.

    Hope this helps.

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