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Thread: Where to buy fitted cloth nappies

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    Default Where to buy fitted cloth nappies

    Hi Ladies,

    This is my first post, I have a 5 week old baby (my first) and was wanting to use fitted cloth nappies but haven't seen any in the shops. Would anyone mind enlightening me on where I go about purchasing some? Thanks Kym

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    most of the fitted nappies are made by SAHM they have there own webiste that lists all the different companies. I'm not 100% sure but most are only available online unless you have a party. There is a cloth nappy thread on here the girls would be happy to help you out

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    yep, check out the cloth nappy sticky, and google oz cloth nappies for some good links

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    Have a look at Nurture Nappies - they have a big range of different brands.

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    Default Baby BeeHinds

    I can highly recommend Baby BeeHinds. I use their fitted one size fits all Bamboo nappies. My daughter is currently 12 weeks and we bought a Full-Time package from them (25 nappies plus extras) and we started using them at around 6 weeks and haven't touched a disposable in that time, apart from to use up a few Baby Loves that were given to us.

    Have only had a few poo leaks in that time and I can say it was probably user error And these are great for overnight as they are super absorbant.

    They are bulkier than an AIO, but i prefer the Bamboo OSFA as it eliminates the expense of having to buy the next size up. The only upsizing you need to do is with the covers.

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