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Thread: Help for my fussy daughter

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    Default Help for my fussy daughter

    My 6 year old is beyond fussy. she lives off think air...

    so any tips on what i could do. she won't veggies, hardly any fruit. I've had her see a dietitian who even said not much you can do. She tried rewards charts and everything. nothing works.

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    1 of my sons is the same. he lives off yoghurt, cheese, popcorn, alittle fruit mainly. i give him choc complan in his milk every morning and try finger foods- plates of cheese, crackers, carrot, celery with peanut butter, cherry tomatoes and sausage, all cut up and given on a small table where hes playing- helps. he just eats 1 ok size meal a day (ok for him not other kids) just keep trying, variety, and hang in there

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    i have no experience with a child of her age but are there foods she WILL eat that you could possibly 'hide' things in or make yourself to include other foods?

    Like if she eats say chicken nuggets can you make your own but with say chicken mince and puree veg?

    Not much help i'm afraid, hope you find something that works for you.

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