thread: Am I over-feeding my baby?

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    Am I over-feeding my baby?

    Madeline is 3 months old and takes 6 180ml bottles a day. Her last feed of the day is around 9/10pm as I dream feed her to get her through the night. If I dont dream feed she wakes around 3/4am instead of 5/6am. According to the scale provided by my CHN she is slightly over weight and every where I go people comment that she is a big baby and she is so chubby. I think its very cute, but I dont want to down the track realise that I was feeding her too much and hence setting her up for bad eating habits as she gets older. Both DP and I were chubby bubbys and we lost it as we got older, our mums keep telling me that, but I cant shake the feeling that I'm giving her too much. Am I just being paranoid?! Is this a normal amount for a 3 month old?

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    How much does Madeline weigh?

    6 x 180 ml boittles a day sounds pretty normal to me. Some babies just have the chubby look. I wouldnt be concerned about her being overweight on the nurses scale. It normally starts to slow down after a while...

    My DD1 was on the same amount of bottles and ml around 3 months of age and weighed about 5kg...where as DD2 is only just over 2 months old and has 5 x 150ml bottles a day and is already 5.7kg but in a good weight range.

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    I havent had her weighed for about a month, but at her last weigh in she was 6.5Kg!! I'm sure she'd be over 7, probably close to 7.5 now. lol my lil chubba.

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    Ok well on the VIC health growth charts for her age and weight (based on 7kg) she is just a bit over the 97% percentile. But that doesnt not mean she is fat or your overfeeding.
    If you want to have a look (im sure WA would have something similar) go to:

    I done a rough work sheet for Jasmine....and i just entered you figures...

    At 180 ml, 6 bottles, 7.5kg it reckons your bub should be having 225ml each thats alot more then what she is having..LOL

    I wouldnt be to worried....she will loose the chubbiness...once she gets active (and crawling) you will notice a difference.

    DD1 has always been under average and a petite little thing....DD2 isnt chubby but is more chubbier then her sister.

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    Hayley, you can't overfeed them - if they are full they wont drink it simple as that, so if she is taking it, she must need it. How long is she? that can make a difference to how they look to, as with a longer baby the weight is distrubuted over their length, making them look leaner, and obviously a shorter bub will look chubbier. You have nothing to worry about, some babies are just chubby, and they all even out once they are toddlers anyway and they are mobile.

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    I was told that I was overfeeding DS by a CHN and I went to see my GP in an absolute state and he said the same as Sherie - you cannot overfeed a baby. If they want it, give it! ( I was BF but same thing) Jake was and still is over 95th percentile for height and he was just a long baby.

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    I totally agree with the other, you cannot over-feed. they will only take what they need!

    Take Care

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    Thanks everyone, you have made me feel much better!

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    hi hayley could you explain what dream feeding is - being a first time mum still finding my way


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    Hayley, if you are concerned about her weight bear in mind you have to take it into account with her height as well. A baby that is in the 97th percentile for height would be underweight if they weren't at about the same level for weight.

    It is possible to overfeed a baby (even bfing), but difficult. My cousin overfeeds her baby girl by popping her on the bb every time she squeaks (doesn't want her child to cry EVER). You should see the rolls she has - it's unbelievable!

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    i was gunna say 6 bottles a day would be normal wouldnt it?

    if she didnt want to feed she sure she is just perfect.

    My MCH told me my sonw as too fat....cause he weighes 12.5 kgs but he is 83cm....go figure.

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    Hi Hayley, I was worried about the same thing, my son is 3 months old, eats 180mls x 6 per day. He was weighed 2day at 7.1 kgs! , and he is in the 75 percentile for his height. It is just a guide on the tin and our babies may take more or less I was told.

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    FYI - this is from Rochelle's red health record book... it's just an approx.

    5 days - 3 months: 150mls per kg of body weight per day
    3 - 6 months: 120mls per kg of body weight per day
    6 - 12 months: 100ml per kg of body weight per day.

    I have been told otherwise by my Dr. He said you can overfeed a FF baby because it doesn't have the hormone in it like breastmilk to tell them they are full - that's the problem with formula. As a consequence it stretches their tummy and sets them up for obesity when their older.. Just like adults have over stretched stomaches and engorge themselves unnecessarily. I have seen an over feed FF baby and it's pretty sick! That baby was massive. I mean if she is crying because she is hungry after you have given her the recommended amount, well I would give her more. But if you are feeding her just because she is drinking it - I don't think that is necessary because as my Dr says, they don't know they are full when they are FF.. they'll just continue to suck because they love to suck!

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    I think all babies are different! If she wants the amount you are giving her, and is otherwise a happy baby, I think your doing fine! She could be having a growth spurt, and you'll find in a few weeks she might not want as much. My son drank a lot more at this age than my daughter does now, and they are both considered healthy!
    My daughter definately tells me when she is full. Will be drinking away and then all of a sudden will push the bottle out with her tingue, and there is no way you can get it back in!

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    Never take notice of those things they give you saying babeis @ this age shouldbe this weight etc Each bubbs is different like Becky said. If she is happy then you have no worries.

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