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Thread: Avent teats worst on the market - find out what's best! *updated*

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    Another Avent user here too! We had no trouble with DD switching between Avent and cheapie brands. Good to know this though, might come in handy when we conceive #2.


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    As my DS was premmie, he spent a bit of time in hospital after he was born and every nurse we came across while he was there warned us off Avent teats. They advised us to go for a long style teat like the ones you buy cheaply in the supermarket (as mentioned in Kelly's previous post). We did so and they have been the best for him. I tried a couple of other different styles, but always ended up going back to the cheapies as he preferred them.

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    Its amazing how much money we waste on findin gthe perfect product. Between bottles, teats, pumps, nappies, slings & all those things in between we must buy so much that is a complete waste of money. I know myself have tried sooooo many different styles of sippy cups over the years & I always think, Oo thats $5 more then this one, it must be better! The best sippy cup I have found that is spill proof & they can still suck the water from is a $2 cup from the reject shop I bought one day to give glenn a drink with out him spilling a bottle of water while in the pram. So from my $16 cups to my $2 one. The o'l cheapo wins hnads down for me! Its the same with teats & dummies too. its always been the cheap ones that have been the best, but only after I have spent a forturn on the expensive ones!

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    Yep, same here with the dummies, FionaJill. Josh is only keen on the $2 Happy Baby dummies. I've bought him a couple of "nice" Tommee Tippee ones, but he's not interested! Not that I should complain - he saves me a fair bit on teats & dummies!

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